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Foodie Tour Review Portland, Maine The Best Feel Of The City

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If you have never been on a Foodie Tour, and you love food, you are missing out!

Learn what and where the locals eat by taking the Foodie Tour Portland, Maine.

I loved visiting Maine and sampling all the amazing food Maine has to offer on our Foodie Tour.  We made two not to be missed foodie tours while visiting Maine.  I can honestly say that both Portland and Kennebunkport both had terrific foodie tours.  Before reviewing our Portland Foodie tour, I want to explain what a foodie tour is just in case you have never been on one.

Foodie Tour Review Portland, Maine The Best Feel Of The City

What is a Foodie Tour?

A Foodie Tour is an excellent opportunity to learn about the local food in an area while eating samples of food at each place you visit. They are usually  2 to 2 1/2 hour walking food tours.  Foodie tours cover about 7 to 9 restaurants or food places.  The best part is that you get a small sample of food from each restaurant.  

Do Not Worry About Walking

Do not worry about the walking part.  You are not walking 2 1/2 hours straight.  On this tour, you constantly stopping at restaurants and eating.  You may have to walk a mile or two depending on the city you are in.  Don’t let the distance scare you because even my special needs son Caleb did not have any trouble with it because of the many breaks you get.

Where Else Can You Find Foodie Tours 

You can find tours in most large cities and popular tourist destinations.  Be sure to check out the food tours in some of my favorite places: Portland, Maine, Kennebunkport, Maine, Nashville, Tennessee, New Orleans, LA, and Seattle, Washington.  I did not know food tours existed until a couple of years ago, or I would have a huge list of places to recommend.  Since learning about food tours, the first thing I do before visiting an area is to see if a tour is available.  It is an excellent way to combine our love for travel with our love of food.

Portland, Maine Foodie Tour video slides from our trip.

Flipkey by Trip Advisor has a list of the best Foodie Tours.   50 States Series: Best Food Tours Worth Traveling For

Maine Foodie Tour in Portland

We booked both of our foodie tours, the Portland Foodie Tour, and the Kennebunkport Foodie Tour, from Maine Foodie Tours.  Our tours were excellent, and our tour guides were full of local information and history of Maine.  The best reason to take a Maine Foodie Tour is to sample all the delicious food Maine has to offer.

We started our Portland Foodie tour our in downtown Portland and walked about a mile over three hours.  It is an easy walk when you stop seven times in a mile walk to hear about the local food and eat.

So, where did we stop and what did we eat?  See the video for pictures of these places and the food we ate.

  • Fresh Maine lobster – We sampled some fresh seafood while starting our tour at Varcaciousin downtown Portland across from the harbor.
  • We sampled a Variety of Maine cheeses from Cabot cheese and Maine Rootbeer, which was the best root beer I have ever had.  We also sample some amazing fresh strawberry yogurt.  If you are visiting Portland and do not take a foodie tour, be sure to stop by Cabot Cheese.  They always have free samples of cheese.
  • Stonewall Kitchen– We sampled Maine Wild Blueberry Jam with homemade scones.  I loved this stop.  I am a big scone fan, and the blueberry jam was fantastic!
  • Potato Donuts samples from The Donut Hole– See their secret ingredient on their web page and video below.  Potato donuts were an excellent treat.  We taste a couple of different kinds of their homemade hot fresh potato donuts.  They melted in my mouth and were the best donuts I have ever had.

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  • We sampled Dark Chocolate Truffles made with Aroostook County potatoes at Dean’s Sweet’s.  Dean’s has hand-dipped truffles created from the finest imported dark chocolate.  What makes these truffles so different are their real ingredients The centers are made with a delectable 56% cocoa content, and the coating is a rich 70% cocoa content.  What a special treat!
  • Harbor Fish Market in Portland– Where we saw live lobsters and sampled smoked shrimp.  We learned how and where the lobsters are caught?  How to tell the difference between a boy and a girl lobster?  We also measured a lobster to see how big he was and learn when a lobster has to be tossed back into the ocean depending on its size.  If you would like to try a fresh Maine lobster, check out Harbor Fish Market.  They Fed-EX, the lobsters, live right to your house.

  • Nationally recognized handcrafted ales. You can also sample rootbeer for people under age or who do not drink.

Fresh Lobster from seafood market in Portland, Maine - #Why Take Foodie Tour Portland, Maine - If you have never been on a Foodie Tour and you love food, you are missing out! Learn what and where the locals eat by taking the #Foodie #Tour #Portland, #Maine. #tourism #vacation


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  1. Oh, my goodness, I want to go on a foodie walking tour! Your videos are so much fun! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us- I love Our American Travels!

  2. OH BABY! I would definitely go to Maine for the LOBSTER!!

    • GiGi,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. We loved taking the Foodie Tour in Portland, Maine. We also loved our Maine Vacation. I look forward to writing about all the other things we enjoyed in Maine.
      Many blessings,
      Diane Roark

  3. Looked like such a fun foodie tour and again maybe someday I will get to visit Maine so I can try some of the places you suggested here. Thanks for sharing, Diane 😉

    • Janine,

      I hope you have a great day! Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my Why Take Foodie Tour Portland, Maine? It was truly so much fun. Thank you for your support!

  4. I want to go! I’m almost stamping my foot and acting like a little girl I want to do this so badly, lol. Thanks Diane for sharing your videos and all the great food of Portland, Maine. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

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