Visit Sam Walton’s first store and walk through a self-guided tour of Sam Walton, Walmart, a history museum in Bentonville, AR.

You will start your Walmart history tour in Walton’s 5 & 10 where you will step back in time to when Sam Walton opened his first store.

See what Sam Walton’s first store was like in 1950.

You will enter the Walton History Museum through the 5 & 10.  The walk through tour of Walmart’s history includes Sam Walton’s Ford pick-up truck and his office.  It also includes the history of Walmart through the decades along with family history too.  The history tour is FREE and a great way to spend time with your family.  The tour ends at The Cafe, which is a retro ice cream store. They serve Yarnell’s ice cream which is also from Arkansas.

Look for my other videos on The Cafe; The Crystal Rivers Art Museum started by Alice Walton, which is also FREE and The Station Cafe.  All of these things are fantastic family fun things to do in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Walmart History Tour Learn All About Sam Walton & History Of Walmart

Sam Walton's desk #Walmart History Tour

Walmart history tour - Sam Walton's office #Walmart History Tour

Sam Walton's truck #Walmart History Tour

Walmart Museum #Walmart History Tour


While in Bentonville, Arkansas, visit:

Sparks Soda Fountain

Crystal Bridges Museum – Alice Walton

Station Cafe