.Victoria Canada pictures review

My son asked me yesterday, “Mom, are you still writing about our cruise?” Well, I wanted to share all our great experiences with you while onboard the Disney Wonder but I had other things to share like four birthdays and our anniversary this month. This summer has been extremely busy. I am just getting to the end of the cruise posts.  I hope you have all enjoyed them.  I would love to hear from you. 

My Southern Voice

If you are wondering if my voice sounds that way when listening to the video, it is me. My family makes fun of my southern accent all the time. I try hard to speak slow so you can understand me.  So, even if you do not want to see Victoria, Canada, you just may want to laugh at my voice.  I laugh at me too!

Victoria Vintage Double Decker Tour Bus

We boarded a Victoria Vintage Double Decker Tour Bus to see this gorgeous place.  It was obvious that Victoria gets a lot of rain. The trees and grass were lush with a beautiful green color.  It is known as the “City of Gardens.”  We were able to see several beautiful lush green parks all over the city.  You will see the Empress Hotel in my video.  This Vancouver Island famous resort is on the Inner Harbour.  The harbor was beautiful with all of its sailboats, cruise ships and water ferries lined up in it. 

Besides the large tourism industry in Victoria, it has lots of government employees. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, Canada. It has an enormous, beautiful, and ancient (the late 1800’s) parliament building which you can see in the video.  Parliament is where the British Columbia government assemblies to pass laws.  We were on the bus while filming this video which explains why we are moving pretty fast but you can get an excellent view of the Empress Hotel and Parliament.Victoria Canada pictures review