Veterans Memorial Museum Branson

Veterans Memorial Museum Branson

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The Veterans Memorial Museum is a great way to help you teach your children about history, wars, serving your country, sacrificing your life for others, respecting the military, honoring those who have served in the military, and honoring our country.

The museum has over 2,000 exhibits, including every war and every branch of service.  We all had our favorite exhibits.  My oldest daughter and I enjoyed learning about the nurses and doctors in the military, their duties, their uniforms, and their instruments. My special needs son loved the exhibit about President George H. W. Bush. My oldest son and my husband love history and read everything. We all agreed that the most breathtaking was the incredible World’s Largest Bronze War Memorial Sculpture.  The sculpture consists of fifty life-size soldiers, each representing an actual veteran from every state.  As amazing as this bronze statue was, what brought tears to my eyes was looking over the 500,000 NAMES of U.S. Soldiers Killed in Action including WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf. 

Visiting this museum is a great way to honor those who lost their lives for all of us to still have the freedoms we have.

If you are a Veteran, the museum sets up interviews to record your story.  They are gathering information to pass down for generations. Since I blog often about being a Christian, I am extremely grateful for all these men who died for me to be able to worship God without any problems. The museum is open daily starting at 9:00 a.m.  You cannot miss the museum building with the large bronze sculpture out front. If you like that sculpture, you have to go inside to see the World Largest War Sculpture.  


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