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The Most Energetic Show The Haygoods Branson, MO Show

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Thank you so much for stopping by Our American Travels.  If you are looking for Branson reviews, I am so glad you landed here to check out The Haygoods.

We visit Branson often, and I love recommending things to do and places to eat.  You can see all my recommendations here. 

If you have children or teenagers, and you are in Branson, take them to see The Haygoods.  The Haygoods are a group of 5 brothers and one sister, and they all sing, dance, and play every instrument you can imagine.

The Most Energetic Show The Haygoods Branson, MO Show

The Haygoods Branson are a group of 5 brothers and one sister, and they all sing, dance, and play every instrument you can imagine.  Branson has a lot of good shows, but they are all different and worth seeing.  The Haygoods are different because of the amount of crazy energy they have on stage.  They also engage the audience by running around the audience, tossing beach balls, throwing t-shirts, having dancing lasers, and much more.

Haygoods Music

The music ranges from Country, Rock N Roll, Patriotic, and Gospel.  They sing a variety of songs for everyone.  The Haygoods are probably just an average singing group, but what they do well is play a huge range of instruments.  They also have this high level of energy between them and the audience that keeps everyone engaged.  When The Haygoods’ show is over, you know they must be exhausted.  We saw The Haygoods Branson in August on their fan appreciation night.  This meant right after their first show they did a second show which was free.  It was also high energy and a lot of fun.  I am not sure how they can keep the level of energy up during the entire show, especially after the tap dance routine.  It is amazing!  

Family Show

The Haygoods are a  family show, and you will find grandparents on down to little children in the audience, but I have noticed you will find more pre-teens and teenagers in this audience than in any other Branson show.  My family enjoys seeing the Haygoods, but if you do not like loud music or lasers flashing everywhere, pick a different show.  Branson is full of great performers.

If you need some help deciding on which show to see, you can also see all the reviews on my blog or just leave me a comment.  I will be happy to share some differences in the shows to help you make a better decision.  If you want to know the differences in Branson restaurants and other attractions, I would be happy to help with that too.  I truly love Branson and am always willing to help people discover a great place to vacation.  

Roark Family Favorite Branson Shows 

Roark Family Favorite Branson Restaurants

This is strictly my opinion of great places to visit in Branson, Missouri.

Branson Traffic tip:

Branson’s Colored Traffic Routes: Traffic in Branson: Branson has a population of 6,500 but averages 7,000,000 visitors every year. 76 Country Boulevard (the Strip) can get very crowded, especially in the evenings and on holiday weekends.  You want to make sure you pick up a Branson Traffic Map and study the different routes to avoid the congestion on 76.  The map has a red, Blue and Green Route to help you get around.  The color coded routes include the Red Route, the Blue Route, and a Yellow Route. These side roads get you out of traffic. 

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  1. Never been to Branson, Diane, but this truly looks like so much fun and looks like they put on one hell of a show. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a great weekend ahead now, too!! 🙂

  2. How do I find your particular rental property? We’re thinking of vacationing in Branson this summer.

    • Jora,

      We just sold our rental property last week. I would think the best way to find something would be to look on Homeaway or I you are looking for a single lodge, try the Lodges at Roark Creek. They are located in Stonebridge.

      Diane Roark

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