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Freddy’s Custard & SteakBurgers

This Freddy’s Custard & SteakBurgers post was a couple of years old. Freddy’s Custard & SteakBurgers is my family’s favorite fast food hamburger and custard stop.  You can find a Freddy’s near you on their website.   I hesitated to write a review on a chain restaurant, especially a fast food chain restaurant, but it is one of our favorite fast food places. We found Freddy’s Custard & SteakBurgers  while visiting Branson. Fries The fries are always crispy and crunchy. To {Read More}

Dinos 24 Karrot Cake Company

Thank you for stopping by Our American Travels to check out Dinos 24 Karrot Cake Company. Dino, who started Dinos 24 Karrot Cake Co, is a world-famous piano player who loves to bake so much that he opened his bakery near Branson, MO. If you know me, you already know how much I love cake and eat way too much of it.  This was truly the best cake I have ever had.  My husband and I split a piece of {Read More}