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Thank you for stopping by to check out the best food in Branson, MO.   Sunday Brunch at Keeter Center in the College of the Ozark is the best brunch I have ever had.   Please be sure to check out all my Branson reviews. Why do I love Sunday Brunch at Keeter Center? Out of all the restaurants, I have been to, this is my favorite restaurants.  If you are ever in Branson, Missouri, you must eat Sunday Brunch {Read More}

Farm To Table College Of The Ozarks Dining-Branson

Eating at the Keeter Center (Dobyns Dining Room) at the College of the Ozarks was definitely on our bucket list to do.  The award-winning school College of the Ozarks is amazing. The school values God, our Country, education, hard work, agriculture, and being debt free after college.  It is very different from most colleges.  The tuition for school is hard work.  The students can work in a number of areas to earn their education from yard work to help maintain the beautiful manicured campus, to working {Read More}