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Farm To Table College Of The Ozarks Dining-Branson

Eating at the Keeter Center (Dobyns Dining Room) at the College of the Ozarks was definitely on our bucket list to do.  The award-winning school College of the Ozarks is amazing. The school values God, our Country, education, hard work, agriculture, and being debt free after college.  It is very different from most colleges.  The tuition for school is hard work.  The students can work in a number of areas to earn their education from yard work to help maintain the beautiful manicured campus, to working {Read More}

Branson Most Popular Shows IT Show – Hughes Family

Thank you for stopping by Our American Travels to check out “IT”  Show in Branson. If you are planning a trip to Branson, I am so glad you landed here on this post. Please be sure to check out all my Branson reviews. IT is a great show in Branson, MO.  I know you must be saying, “What a name?  Who would call their show IT?” I thought the same thing until I experienced IT.  IT is performed by a very talented large FAMILY.  “IT” is FUN.  {Read More}

SIX Show BEST Show In Branson MO

Thank you for stopping by Our American Travels to check out Six Show in Branson. If you are planning a trip to Branson, I am so glad you landed here on this post.  Please be sure to check out all my Branson reviews. My husband surprised me with tickets to see SIX for our 28th anniversary.  Not only did we get tickets, but we ended up on the front row. As soon as the show started, they held our attention by {Read More}

Disney Wonder Cruise- What is Parrot Cay Restaurant Like -Video

While cruising on the Disney Wonder, you will eat at the Parrot Cay Restaurant.  It is one of the Disney Dinning Restaurants you will rotate at each night. Parrot Cay Restaurant has located onboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship.  It is part of the Disney rotational dining program. It is a fun tropical paradise with a Caribbean menu for dinner.  The bright, festive decorations and the beach music makes you want to have a party and maybe even do a happy {Read More}

Seattle-Pike Place Market Is A Great Place To Visit-Video

While in Seattle, we visited Pike Place Market.   The market started in 1907 when farmers would bring their wagons filled with produce to the corner of First Avenue and Pike Street.  In just a few hours, they would be completely sold out of all their goods.  Today, “The Market”, as the locals call it, attracts 10 million visitors a year. It is one of Washington state’s most visited locations.  Pike Place Market has hundreds of vendors selling lots of {Read More}

New Orleans Hamburger Seafood Perfect Place To Eat

New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood is another great family friendly restaurant in the New Orleans area. New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood has a location on the Northshore in Mandeville, LA. They also have several other locations around New Orleans including one in the French Quarter and in Metairie.  It is a little different from most restaurants because you order at the counter and then find a seat.  When your food is ready, they will bring it out to you.  If you are looking for a delicious famous {Read More}

Disney Wonder Cruise- What is King Tritons Restaurant Like? -Video

King Tritons Restaurant is part of the Disney Wonder rotational dining program. Tritons is the most elegant and formal of the three restaurants. I tried something new with my blog and added a video slide show made from the pictures I took at King Tritons.  Tritons Restaurant is part of the Disney Wonder rotational dining program.  It is the most elegant and formal of the three restaurants.  We have wonderful memories from the time we spent as a family at King Tritons.  I hope {Read More}

Experience Juneau Alaska

We enjoyed fresh Alaska King Crab Legs while in Juneau Alaska.   Tracy’s King Crab Shack After taking a walk in Juneau Alaska, we stumbled upon the Alaska King Crab Leg vendor, Tracy’s King Crab Shack.  It was set up right on the water in Juneau.  It was a simple little trailer with tables set up underneath a tent to eat.  We were so excited to find this treasure.  They served fresh steamed King Crab, crab bisque, and crab cakes.  Everything {Read More}

Disney Wonder Cruise- Pirate Party

Pirate Day onboard the Disney Wonder was a lot of fun.  It was on Friday, the day we stopped in Juneau.  All day long onboard the ship were activities with a Pirate Theme.  After our evening meal and the big show, we had a pirate party where they played pirate music and everyone acted like a pirate.  After the pirate party, we had more food on a Pirate Buffet.  The buffet was loaded with very large and delicious turkey legs, a {Read More}

Dealey Plaza, J.F.K. Dallas, TX

Do you remember the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated?  November 22, 1963, is a day many Americans will never forget.  I was not born yet but have heard many stories about that infamous day. We have visited Dallas, Texas many times, but had never been to the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza until this summer.  My oldest son who will be 16 this summer loves history.  He talked us into visiting the museum.  We had seen documentaries on television talking {Read More}

Disney Wonder Cruise Food- Beach Blanket Buffet

The Beach Blanket Buffet is located onboard the Disney Wonder. The Beach Blanket Buffet is opened for breakfast and lunch and if you are in a hurry this an excellent choice. The breakfast at The Beach Blanket was the usual breakfast items, but everything was very good including, sausage, pancakes, french toast, fruit, danishes, cereal, and an omelet station where they offered made-to-order omelets. They also offered smoked salmon on the breakfast buffet.  My husband’s goal on the cruise was to {Read More}

Seattle-Pike Place Market Lowell’s

What to do in Seattle? We left out of Seattle on our seven day Alaska cruise.  At the end of our cruise, The Disney Wonder docked back into Seattle.  After our cruise, we were glad we had some time to check out Seattle.  We could not wait to go to Pike’s Place Market.  While visiting the market, we ate an excellent lunch at Lowell’s Restaurant.  It was a bright day, and we had a great view looking over Puget Sound from Lowell’s.  We enjoyed watching the ships pass by.  {Read More}