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Sparks Cafe Soda Fountain At End Of Walmart Museum Tour

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Sparks Cafe Soda Fountain

After walking through Walton’s 5 & 10 and seeing all the history of Walmart in downtown Bentonville, AR, you will come out at Sparks Cafe Soda Fountain.  The Cafe is a retro ice cream parlor.  They serve Yarnell’s ice cream which is a fantastic ice cream company from Arkansas.  Sam Walton sold Yarnell’s ice cream in his first franchise.  While eating ice cream, we were able to show our children retro t.v.’s, radio’s, and more.  We even watched a little “I Love Lucy” while enjoying our ice cream.  We had a great time in this retro ice cream parlor.  It was a fun way to end our walking tour through the history of Walmart.

You may want to see my other posts about things to do in Bentonville, AR including video on Walton’s 5 & 10 and history tour, the Station Cafe, and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art started by Alice Walton. Spark's Cafe Sofa Fountain #Sam Walton #Arkansas

Old TV from Sparks Soda Fountain #Sparks Cafe Soda Fountain

Sam Walton at Sparks Cafe #Sparks Cafe Soda Fountain

#Sparks Cafe Soda Fountain

History of Sam Walton – Museum

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