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My husband surprised me with tickets to see SIX for our 28th anniversary.  Not only did we get tickets, but we ended up on the front row.SIX Show One Of The BEST Show In Branson MO

As soon as the show started, they held our attention by the incredible sounds coming out of their mouths.  I am not talking about their singing, of course, it was good, but the other sounds that made them so unique from anyone I have ever heard.  In fact, I was blown away and glued to the sounds that exploded out of the mouths of these very talented group of SIX brothers

NO Musical Instruments – They Harmonize 

Just because they never use musical instruments does not mean you do not hear musical instruments.  All of them harmonize extremely well together while using their voices as instruments like drums and electric guitars. You will even hear animal sounds and cars racing plus many other incredible sounds.  In other words, everything you hear while enjoying their show comes out of their mouths.  

You will hear songs you recognize!

Not only were these group of SIX brothers talented, but they were also hilarious at times.  I am not going to give that away. You will have to see them find out. They sing a broad range of songs including the Beach Boys, Enrique Iglesias, Journey, Aerosmith, Kansas, Billy Ray Cyrus, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Elvis, Lee Greenwood, and many others, along with the gospel songs they grew up singing. You will hear songs you recognize and enjoy in the broad range of songs they sing.

I got a big surprise when one of the brothers came down and took me by the hand up on stage for a dance with my husband. 

Of course, one of them kept cutting in for a dance.  Now, even if only for a couple of minutes, I cannot complain anymore that my husband has never danced with me.  He danced on a stage in front of hundreds of people.  It happened and was caught on video.  We had a great time and a great memory that will last forever.  

SIX has a touching tribute to their mom who passed away with cancer.  She had ten boys, and one of her sons wrote a song about it.  SIX brothers sing, and the other four are involved in the behind the scenes.  They mention not only their talented mom but their talented dad who is still living.

If you are looking for a high energy show, with a very talented and funny group of brothers.

They will amaze you with songs and sounds that come out of their mouths, try visiting SIX the next time you are in Branson.  I highly recommend them. This blog is all about finding things the entire family will enjoy.  Since this was our anniversary, our children did not get to see this group, but I cannot wait to take them to see their reactions to the sounds of SIX.

We just had to take Diana to see the Butterfly Palace.  She loved being surrounded by all the butterflies. They had her, and the rest of us glued to every move they made.  We watched them flicker all over the place.  Enjoying the Butterfly Palace was great family fun.  It was also a perfect place to remember how God transforms the not so pretty stuff in our lives into something beautiful. 


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