Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival

Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival

I am so thrilled you landed here to check out what to do in Branson, Missouri?

Have you ever been to Silver Dollar City theme park?  Have you ever experienced Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival? See my review and video.

Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival Perfect Place Celebrate Fall

Why Visit Silver Dollar City?

Silver Dollar City is a family-friendly theme park.  It is a rare find where kids, teens, parents, and even grandparents will find lots to do in the same place.  The park offers rides for all ages, shows, food, craftsmen and even a Culinary school.  You can also watch silversmiths, bakers, candy makers, blacksmiths, glass blowers, basket makers, and much more.  During Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival, they bring in over 125 additional craftsmen that fill the streets with handmade items.

Why do I love Silver Dollar City especially during the fall?

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate fall than walking around Silver Dollar City theme park.  Fall in the Ozarks is beautiful!  I love spending time in the fresh fall air while observing all the sights, sounds and smells that Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival has to offer.  The Ozarks are breathtaking in the autumn with rolling hills of brilliant colors.  Silver Dollar City is located in the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri.  On top of the natural beautiful fall colors that fill trees everywhere, Silver Dollar City is always decorated with festive fall decorations.  Happy scarecrows and pumpkins line the streets, and scream fall is in the air.

Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival Activities

  • Wild Mustangs – Learn about these beautiful horses and their rescue.
  • Silver Dollar City’s Wild West Show features: trick riders, bullwhip artist and trick roper, Native American musician & dancers and more

Fall food at Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival

As soon as you enter the park, you will smell fresh baked goods coming from Eva & Delia’s Bakery.  Smells from homemade cinnamon rolls, red velvet cinnamon rolls, enormous chocolate chip cookies, freshly baked pretzels at Eva & Delia’s will make you so hungry.  After walking a little further, you will smell apple cider, caramel apples, and taffy.  Silver Dollar City is full of other delicious treats like their famous skillet meals and kettle corn.  One of my favorite snacks at Silver Dollar City is the amazing praline pecans. My mouth waters and I start walking faster and faster until I reach the nut man for a bag of these pecans.  They smell amazing and taste so delicious.  You can see all the new park food for 2015 here.

Other Silver Dollar City Food Must Food Stops

Brown’s Candy Factory

June Ward is the candy queen at Brown’s Candy Factory.  She is the master candy maker and demonstrator.  When entering the candy store, you will find her making candy.  She entertains everyone with her great personality and candy making ability.  She has been making candy since August 1968.  Brown’s Candy Factory has lots of delicious candy including different kinds of brittle, fudge, chocolate covered strawberries, and much more.  Another reason we enjoy the candy store is getting a free sample of what is being demonstrated.

Nellie’s Homestead Apple Butter

You have got to try one of the apple turnovers with apple butter or a caramel apple. They are both incredibly delicious.  Nellie’s is full of jams, jellies, apple butter, cookbooks, apple slicers, and all different kinds of apple related items.  They have great baskets located upstairs.

Phoebe Snapp Taffy

When you enter the store located on Main Street, you are surrounded by every kind of taffy you can think of.    Another great thing about the Taffy store at Silver Dollar City is that you can watch the candy making demonstrations.  They use antique candy-making equipment to pull the taffy.  Phoebe Snapp Taffy store also gives out free samples of taffy.

Silver Dollar City Video

Instead of just telling you about it, I wanted to show you.  So, this post has by far the most pictures I have ever added.  I hope you get to see that Silver Dollar City is a perfect place to celebrate fall during The Harvest Festival.   I have links at the bottom of this posts to some of my other posts about Silver Dollar City

These are just a few of the reasons we support Silver Dollar City and visit Branson, MO often.  

I cannot count the times people call, e-mail, leave me a comment on Facebook or my blog asking me “Why do you enjoy Branson”?  My answer is always:

  1. It is a family friendly place.  You often see two or three generations vacationing together.

  2. Silver Dollar City and the Branson Shows are not afraid to mention God.

  3. Silver Dollar City and the Branson Shows all support and honor our Military.

  4. Branson has great family friendly restaurants with good food.

  5. You can find things to do in Branson for all ages.


Roark Family Favorite Branson Shows 

Roark Family Favorite Branson Restaurants

This is strictly my opinion of great places to visit in Branson, Missouri.

Branson Traffic tip:

Branson’s Colored Traffic Routes: Traffic in Branson: Branson has a population of 6,500 but averages 7,000,000 visitors every year. 76 Country Boulevard (the Strip) can get very crowded, especially in the evenings and on holiday weekends.  You want to make sure you pick up a Branson Traffic Map and study the different routes to avoid the congestion on 76.  The map has a red, Blue and Green Route to help you get around.  The color-coded routes include the Red Route, the Blue Route, and a Yellow Route. These side roads get you out of traffic.

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4 thoughts on “Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival

  1. Oh how I wish I lived closer so I could visit Silver Dollar City as it looks like the perfect fall family fun attraction. Thank you so much for sharing and seriously someday I will get to your part of the country and again hope to visit 😉

  2. This is a place I would LOVE to go! The Brown’s Candy Factory would be a treat and a MUST stop. I would so enjoy that. And the fall food festival – well, Diane, we would just have to meet there, now wouldn’t we! Thank you for introducing us to another fabulous stop in our great country with colorful pictures and video. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  3. I visited Silver Dollar City a few years ago. At this time of year the buildings and all the trees are covered in millions of Christmas lights and decorations. There are several theatres with many wonderful singers and musicians providing Christmas music. I particularly enjoyed a Christmas Carol and Its a Wonderful Life.

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