Sight & Sound Theater – Video

Sight & Sound Theater – Video

We went behind the scenes at Sight & Sound Theater to discover all that goes into the production of their latest play, Joseph.

Update on Sight & Sound 2016:  Moses is now playing. 

The tour is an hour long and covers every aspect of what it takes to put on the World Class Production of Joseph.

Our tour guide, Jefe, who is also an actor at Sight & Sound, did a tremendous job explaining all the details of what it takes to bring the play to the stage.  Our first stop on the tour was the 20,000 square foot stage of Sight & Sound.  We learned about the use of pyrotechnics, 60,000 watt sound system, live trained animals, animatronics, and eye-catching special effects. We heard about how each person knows where to stand and where they are moving at all times.  We were impressed to hear how the electricians and workers who roll the 70 larger-than-life Egyptian set pieces in and off the stage and have them hooked up in only a few seconds.

We sat out in the audience and learned about the 2,085 seat auditorium.  This information included the amazing Intelligent Lights plus 1500 regular lights and the 70 speakers all over the auditorium.

We experienced the actors’ dressing room where they put make-up on and get dressed.  We learned how they could change costumes so quickly.  We were able to go behind the scenes where the 26 animals stay during the play.  We were amazed to learn they have a huge home located under the theater with fenced in areas outside to roam around. They are extremely well taken care of.  They have several different people from veterinarians, groomers, trainers, and much more looking after them.

By taking the Behind The Scenes Tour at Sight & Sound, you have the chance to see how everything comes together to make an excellent production.  If you have never stepped behind the scenes of a huge play, you will leave with a sense of wonder and a new respect for the enormous responsibilities which are needed to produce a large production like Joseph.Sight & Sound Review Branson, MO


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