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Do you love to eat Cajun food in Louisiana?

If you are planning a trip to Louisiana, check out Sammy’s Grill in Baton Rouge.  

This place was recommended by one of my husband’s co-workers who lives in the Baton Rouge area.  The food was much better than we expected.  It is a down-home casual place with excellent Cajun dishes.  Shorts and t-shirts are just fine.  It was voted Best Po-Boy and Best Boiled Crawfish in 2013.

Sammy’s Menu

They have every type of Po-Boy from shrimp, crawfish, catfish, roast beef, and more.  They are well known for their boiled seafood.  Most of you know we lived in Louisiana for six years, and we enjoy Cajun food.   We have not found a place that serves boiled Cajun seafood in Arkansas.  It will be difficult to find a place that serves delicious fresh boiled crawfish, shrimp, and crabs like we enjoyed at Sammy’s Grill.  

My husband truly was in heaven with his five pounds of crawfish, but he could not finish them.  He saved some to eat the next day.  The menu is extensive at Sammy’s from Cajun burger that was wonderful to fried seafood, boiled seafood, blackened seafood, seafood salads, fish topped with crab and crawfish cream sauce, plus a seafood pasta that looked fantastic.  If you are craving Cajun seafood and want a good amount of food for a reasonable price, honestly check out Sammy’s Grill.  We Loved It!!

I did not get any compensation nor have any affiliation with Sammy’s Grill.  I just truly enjoyed my meal and wanted to share this review with you.

 Sammy’s Grill has a large extensive menu. ..

The Fresh Boiled Crawfish on the menu at Sammy’s were seasoned well and delicious. 

Boiled Crawfish Sammy's Grill

Boiled Crawfish from Sammy's Grill

 We even tried the fried alligator!  

Fried Gator from Sammy's Grill

Who does not love fried pickles?  Sammy’s fried pickles were seasoned, hot, and crispy.  YUM!

 The Fried Shrimp Po-Boy was perfect! 

Fried Po Boy from Sammy's Grill

 I love the little kick in the Cajun Burger.


 Ooey, gooey Roast Beef Po Boy.  Delicious! 

Roast Beef Po Boy from Sammy's GrillEat Delicious Seafood At Sammy's Grill Review - Baton Rouge, LA