Disney Cruise? SEE 8 Onboard Videos

Disney Cruise? SEE 8 Onboard Videos

Are you here because you are planning a Disney Cruise or thinking about going on a Disney Cruise?  If so, I am so glad you landed on this post.

I HIGHLY recommend a Disney Cruise.  The service and shows are the BEST!

I include pictures and videos from our time onboard the Disney Wonder.  You can ask anyone in my family, and they will tell you our Disney Cruise was the Best Vacation Ever!  It was a Dream Come True!

If you want more information about our Disney Cruise including lots of pictures, shows, restaurants, and port adventures, please see the following posts. 

Planning a Disney Cruise ? SEE These 8 Onboard Videos

I in no way got paid to write about my Disney Cruise experience, but I truly enjoyed every minute of it and knew you would too.

Planning a Disney Cruise ? SEE These 8 Onboard Videos

It was less expensive for us to pay for two staterooms directly across from each other instead of the family suite.  We had plenty of room with each stateroom holding up to 4 people.  

We would recommend our Disney Wonder stateroom 7002 and 7003.  Especially stateroom 7002, which had a large window (see video).  We enjoyed some fantastic views.

More Disney Wonder Cruise Videos

Tritons Restaurant is part of the Disney Wonder rotational dining program. It is the most elegant and formal of the three restaurants.

Parrot Cay Restaurant has located onboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship.  It is part of the Disney rotational dining program. It is a fun tropical paradise with a Caribbean menu for dinner.  The bright, festive decorations and the beach music makes you want to have a party and maybe even do a happy dance. The bamboo furniture and ceiling fans also remind you of the beach.  Seriously, it is a lot of fun.  The food was excellent.  The following video is some of our favorite dishes while dining at Parrot Cay.


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4 thoughts on “Disney Cruise? SEE 8 Onboard Videos

  1. My husband actually just was talking about the Disney Cruise last week and since neither of us has ever really been on a cruise, I told him I wasn’t sure about doing Disney Cruise style, but so going to share this with him now, so he can get a better understanding of the cruse versus actually going to Disney. Thanks, Diane!! 🙂

    1. Janine,

      We have been to Disney World many times almost yearly but The Disney Cruise is over the top. The characters roam around the ship. You never know who is going to pop up around the corner. The food and entertainment are amazing. It is a little expensive but so worth it. My kids tell us almost everyday how much fun it was and it has been over a year and a half since our trip.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

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