Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars are a family favorite.  Each time we go to Disney World, we look forward to eating a Mickey Mouse bar.  On the Disney Cruise, you can get them on room service.

We could not wait to enjoy one on the cruise because we know what a great treat they are.  At first, we were disappointed when we saw they were not on the room service menu, and they were not offered on the adult dining menus in the evenings. Since we had no small child at our table, we did not know that they are on the children’s menu.

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

Luckily, we had a tip about getting the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars. You can order them at dinner. They are not on the adult menu, but they are on the children’s menu which means that they are offered in the dining room.  Anyone can order one.  We also found out that although the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars are not on the room service menu, you can order them through room service at any time and as many as you want.  

If you have never had a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar, the ice cream is in the shape of Mickey Mouse on a stick, covered entirely in frozen chocolate.  It is similar to a Dove Bar. The vanilla ice-cream is smooth and very creamy.  The chocolate is rich and decadent.  It is a mouth-watering treat no matter what age you are.  If you are on a Disney Cruise, you must be a kid at heart, so this treat is for you.  At least once a day we ordered these treats through room service.  We indulged in every bite of Mickey.  He was Delicious!

If you take any Disney’s Cruise, take advantage of this Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Secret.