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One Of The Best Things We Have Ever Did LOBSTER Tour In Maine

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Have you ever wanted to plan a Maine Vacation?  Do you need an excellent idea on what to do while in Maine?  How about going on a lobster tour?  


We had never been to Maine nor been on a Lobster Tour.  This Lobster Tour turned out to be so much fun.  After arriving at the port, we entered a classic New England Lobster Boat.  It had bench seating all around the boat for us to sit back and enjoy our hour and a half lobster tour.  We took a scenic tour of the beautiful Kennebunkport River.  The tour also gets as close as possible to Walker’s Point for photo opportunities.  The Bush compound at Walker’s Point is the summer home to President George H. W. Bush.   If you are planning a trip to Maine, be sure to read my post about Walker’s Point

Once we were far enough out, the two crew members pulled up some of their lobster traps.  They pulled up traps from different locations and had quite a few lobster.  Once the lobster was on board the boat, they taught us the difference between a boy and girl lobster.  They also measured each lobster to see if it met the requirements to be able to keep it.  

Lobster Tour Kennebunkport, Maine #Maine vacation

Lobster Tour Maine Best Time!

We truly had a great time during this Coastal Lobster tour.  After they pulled the lobster in the boat and measured them, the kids and adults took turns putting bands around the lobster’s claws.  Once the lobster had a band on their claws, we were able to hold them.  Everyone was able to take pictures with the lobster.  Seeing lobsters pulled from the water was exciting.  We could not wait to see if each lobster cage had any lobster in it.  I did notice as soon as the lobster were out of the water everyone stepped way back.  I know I could not wait to get the bands on each lobster claws.  

Coastal Lobster Tours

If you are planning a trip to Maine and want the best Maine experience, be sure to go on a Lobster Tour.  I highly recommend Coastal Lobster Tours.  They knew what they were doing, friendly and extremely educational.  Coastal Lobster Tours depart daily during the lobster season from the Nonantum Resort.  You can see their phone number from the picture below.  

Lobster Tour Kennebunkport, Maine #Maine vacation



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