Legends in Concert BRANSON, MO

Legends in Concert BRANSON, MO

Do Not Miss the Legends in Concert while visiting Branson 

Legends in Concert Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach & Branson REVIEW

Legends in Concert Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach & Branson

You can also find the Legends in Concert in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach, Waikiki, and on the Norwegian Epic and in Branson, Mo where I saw it.

In Branson, the Legends we saw perform were Celine Dion, The Temptations, Johnny Cash, The Blues Brothers, and ELVIS.  Every couple of months the performers change.  Other performers who will perform at the Legends in Concert in Branson this year include Jerry Lee Lewis, Diana Ross, Brooks & Dunn, Buddy Holly, Whitney Houston, Cher, Stevie Wonder, and Alan Jackson.  You can see a different performer each time you visit.  Our show was full of energy and excitement.  All of my children (teens) enjoyed it.  Each of us had a different favorite Legend, who performed.  

  • The Temptations were Fantastic!  They were great entertainers!!!
  • The Blues Brothers were so Full of Energy.  Not only singing but running, doing flips, cartwheels, and much more.  As a result, the Blues Brothers were incredibly fun to watch.
  • Elvis was Elvis and Brought the House Down.  He had everyone smiling and screaming.  If you didn’t get a chance to see Elvis perform while he was alive, you need to experience this show.  I was a little girl when I saw Elvis in concert just months before his death.  As a result, the Legends in Concert brought back great memories.
  • Johnny Cash was a family and crowd favorite!  I have never been a big Johnny Cash fan until now.  He was GREAT while performing at The Legends in Concert.  Since the concert, I have learned about Johnny Cash’s life story which is why I am a now a Big Johnny Cash fan.
  1. I had no idea Johnny Cash experienced the death of his brother at a young age.
  2. No idea that Johnny grew up with an alcoholic father.
  3. I had no idea Johnny always wore black as a symbol to others that he could relate to their pain and suffering.
  4. Did know Johnny is from Arkansas where I currently live.
  5. I did know that Johnny Cash lived a life of drugs and alcohol.
  6. Johnny Cash became a Christian in his later years and made an album called Redemption Day. 
  7. Johnny made a video toward the end of his life to encourage people not to waste their lives chasing material things. 
  8. Now you know why I am a BIG JOHNNY CASH FAN NOW.

You can find Johnny Cash and other favorite performers at The Legends in Concert in Branson and many other locations.  Find i more information about Johnny Cash’s life at this site.


Roark Family Favorite Branson Shows 

Roark Family Favorite Branson Restaurants

This is strictly my opinion of great places to visit in Branson, Missouri.

Branson Traffic tip:

Branson’s Color Traffic Routes

Noteworthy, Branson has a population of 6,500 but averages 7,000,000 visitors every year. 76 Country Boulevard (the Strip) can get very crowded, especially in the evenings and on holiday weekends.  Certainly, be sure to pick up a Branson Traffic Map and study the different routes to avoid the congestion on 76.  The map has a red, Blue and Green Route to help you get around.  The color coded routes include the Red Route, the Blue Route, and a Yellow Route.  Most Noteworthy, the side roads get you out of traffic. 

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