Best Show In Branson Sight & Sound – Reveiw Video

Best Show In Branson Sight & Sound – Reveiw Video

Update For 2016: Sight & Sound is now play Moses.

Sight & Sound Theatre

They are now playing their original production of Joseph.  The play retells the biblical story from Genesis 37 of Joseph. The show started Spring 2012, and my family could not wait to see it.  We have seen Noah and The Miracle of Christmas, which were both incredible and set high expectations for us.  Joseph did not disappoint.  We were hooked and reeled into the story from the minute Joseph started to the very end.  They held our attention with elaborate and enormous Egyptian stage props, colorful, eye-catching costumes, and mesmerizing characters.  Live animals were in the play too. 

The end seat of each row is a great place for children to sit.  They will love being so close to the trained action.  The trained animals and the actors use the aisles to enter onto the stage often.

The play opened up with the bundles of wheat bowing down to Joseph in his dream and then Joseph’s brothers making fun of him.  See Genesis 37:5  The play tells the story to the end when Joseph forgives his brothers and is reunited with his entire family. Genesis 46  It brought tears to my eyes to see Joseph tell his brothers they were forgiven.  It also brought tears to see Joseph reunited with his family, especially his father. The story of Joseph is not only a beautiful story about forgiveness, but it is an encouraging story about following your Dreams.

This play is full of excitement.  Sight & Sound did an excellent job retelling the biblical story of Joseph and turning it into something that we will never forget. Joseph receives a BIG THUMBS UP from the Roark family.

If you are looking for a show that will not only entertain you and keep every member of your family glued to it but will also help you to pass down stories from the Bible, take your entire family to see Joseph. My blog is about recommending things the whole family can do.  Little children all the way up to grandparents will indeed enjoy Joseph. This original Sight & Sound play will be featured in Branson the entire 2012 season. The theater is beautiful inside and out, and the play is not to be missed.

We love visiting the Branson area.  I have written many posts and videos about Branson including restaurants, shows, attractions, and Silver Dollar City theme park which are all on my blog. 

Best Show In Branson Sight & Sound - Reveiw Video


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  1. Did you happen to see if the seats were big people friendly , because I want to bring some family and that’s a big IF on there end ?……?

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