Have you heard of Jim & Nick’s Bar-B-Q?    Jim & Nicks Bar-B-Q started in my home, Alabama.Jim & Nick's BBQ Restaurant The BEST BBQ In Alabama

Best BBQ Restaurant

We have been eating at Jim & Nick’s since the ’80’s when they opened their first location in Birmingham, Alabama.  Recently, I went back to Alabama for a wedding.  Our mouths were all watering for several hundred miles as we drove down the highway, anticipating our lunch at Jim & Nicks Bar-B-Q.  Lunch did not disappoint us which is why I decided to write about it.  As I mentioned, Jim & Nick’s is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, but now they have locations all across Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and even Colorado.

Best BBQ  

You can disagree with me but in my opinion, Alabama has the best BBQ restaurant.  Jim & Nick’s slogan is Low & Slow, and that is what makes it so tasty, but it is not only the BBQ that keeps people coming back.  They truly have the best side dishes including my favorites which are their baked beans, out of the world cheese rolls (muffins) and their make you want to do a Happy Dance in the Restaurant, homemade pies.   If you are traveling through any of these states, look up a Jim & Nick’s BBQ restaurant.  You will be glad you did!!

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BBQ Jim & Nicks Bar-B-Q Review

Jim & Nicks Bar-B-Q Review