Branson Most Popular Shows IT Show – Hughes Family

Branson Most Popular Shows IT Show – Hughes Family

Thank you for stopping by Our American Travels to check out “IT”  Show in Branson.

IT is a great show in Branson, MO.  I know you must be saying, “What a name?  Who would call their show IT?”

One Of Branson Most Popular Shows IT Show - Hughes Family

I thought the same thing until I experienced IT.  IT is performed by a very talented large FAMILY.  “IT” is FUN.  IT is classical music.  “IT” is Broadway music.  IT is country music.  “IT” is Rock-N-Roll.  IT is patriotic music, and “IT” is gospel music.  IT is all about family, and IT is great family fun to experience while visiting Branson.  It is one of the Roark family’s favorite shows.

Hughes family

We quickly learned that IT is the entire Hughes family performing.  About 45 or more family members perform in this show.  Several times all 45 or more was on the stage at the same time which was amazing to see. The little children all the way up to the five Hughes Brothers, who have performed together for years, are all extremely talented not only with their voices but with a broad range of instruments.  I especially enjoyed the part where several family members played both classical and fast-paced songs on the violin.  Everyone was glued to a group of the youngest girls who were probably all younger than 12 years old while they sang. It’s a Hard Knock Life from the play and movie Annie.  The It show offered something for everyone in every age group to enjoy.

The Roark family highly recommends you to SEE IT. IT is worth it. 

We just had to take Diana to see the Butterfly Palace.  She loved being surrounded by all the butterflies. They had her, and the rest of us glued to every move they made.  We watched them flicker all over the place.  Enjoying the Butterfly Palace was great family fun.  It was also a perfect place to remember how God transforms the not so pretty stuff in our lives into something beautiful. 


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This is strictly my opinion of great places to visit in Branson, Missouri.

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