If you are looking for Branson reviews, I am so glad you landed here to check out Great American Chicken House.

Great American Steak and Chicken House is a delicious place to visit while in Branson.  

Great American Chicken House in Branson, MO Worth A Try

We try to shy away from the tourist traps if you know what I mean.  The Great American Steak and Chicken may be a tourist trap with the unbelievable, enormous sized chicken out front, but the food
was worth the stop.

We were not disappointed in the size or taste of the food.  The fried chicken and country fried chicken were excellent.  The meatloaf was one of the best I have ever tasted and check out the size of the meatloaf in my picture.  Two people could easily eat the meatloaf. The sides were delicious, and our waiter was extremely helpful and friendly. 

The Wait

We did have to wait a while so you may want to try to plan a better time to try The Great American Steak and Chicken House.  By the way, it is located on the strip, and you cannot miss it.  The picture of the chicken at the front entrance was to show you just how tall the chicken is.  It is taller than the building.  You should not have any trouble finding this restaurant.

We love visiting the Branson area.  I have written many posts and videos about Branson including restaurants, shows, attractions, and Silver Dollar City theme park which are all on my blog. 


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This is strictly my opinion of great places to visit in Branson, Missouri.