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Why Travel In America?  

Caleb, my son, has had 17 brain surgeries.  He has cerebral palsy and seizures.  We are never far away from an excellent neurosurgeon when traveling in America which is why we choose to travel only in America.  

Traveling Trend In America

I Googled traveling trends and was a little surprised to find I am not the only one who travels only in America.  A lot of people are choosing to stay in America.

The main reasons Americans are choosing to travel in America include: 

  • The number one reason is always COST!
  • Conflicts throughout the world have left many with safety doubts.
  • There is so much to see, and most people never vacation in their backyard, there are a lot of places to discover.
  • No long flights or delays.
  • You know the language.
  • People drive on the same side of the road as you do.
  • No customs or immigration requirements.
  • The people are similar all over U.S but the food and culture are very diverse.  You can discover Southwestern, California, Cajun, Southern and New England lifestyles and cuisine without leaving the good old USA.
  • One of my favorite reasons, you can take your dog.


RV Travel Is Getting More And More Popular As International Travel Declines

RVing is not just for senior citizens.  It is becoming more and more popular with families to Go RVing with small kids and teenagers.  

Why do we Go RVing?

As of May of this year, we now go RVing.  Because we do a lot of traveling and all of it in the United States, it was a dream to own an RV.   My husband and I have five children.  It is tough to plan trips ahead of time especially with my daughter in medical school.  With an RV, we can go on last minute trips with the entire family.  We have been spending weekends exploring all the quiet, peaceful, beautiful campgrounds in Arkansas.  Our favorite places have been super clean and very affordable Corps of Engineer camp sites.  I will review several of them in the coming weeks.  By visiting our local campgrounds, we have had fantastic family fun right here in Arkansas.  We even made a trip to Tennessee to see family and stay at a beautiful Corps of Engineers campground there.   


We can also plan a longer vacation.  This January we are heading out on our first long trip.  We will be staying at the Disney Fort Wilderness Lodge CampGround.  You get all the same benefits as staying at a Disney Resort with little cost.  We are excited and cannot wait to spend a week at Disney in our RV.  

Go RVing BenefitsGeorgetown RV

  • You avoid air travel and all the hassles that go along with delays, lost luggage and last minute changes. 
  • Our hotel room, RV, is always ready no matter what time we decided to check-in.  
  • Our hotel room, RV, is always cleaner and less germy than a hotel room. 
  • We can prepare meals in our RV. 
  • RVers spend more quality time with family.

Amazing Things Happen When A Family Is RVing Together

  • Memories are made.
  • Bonds are built.
  • Secrets are shared.
  • Special moments happen.
  • Bucket lists are fulfilled.

We love our RV.  In this age of stressed-out, over-scheduled families, RVing is the perfect way for family members to stay in touch with each other. Nothing encourages communication and shared activities like when you go RVing.  If you have ever dreamed of owning an RV, I would suggest going for it or at least rent an RV.  By renting, you can see if you like it before making a significant investment.  There is nothing better than spending time away from everything for the weekend, week or month if you can. 

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