GO RV-ING Fort Wilderness Walt Disney World

GO RV-ING Fort Wilderness Walt Disney World

Welcome!  Have you ever been RV-ing at Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World?  I am going to share the advantages, activities, and tips when staying at Fort Wilderness.  GO RV-ING AT FORT WILDERNESS IN WALT DISNEY WORLD -Have you ever been RV-ing at Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World? I am going to share the advantages, activities, and tips when staying at Fort Wilderness.

Over the past 30 years,  we have been to Disney just over 20 times but for the first time, January 2017, we took our RV.  We stayed at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and had one of the best vacations ever. 

My first advice when staying on-site at Disney World?  

This advice is not just for staying at Fort Wilderness but for all Disney World properties.  YOU NEED TO BOOK EARLY, and as soon as Disney allows you to book.  The vacation we took in January of this year was scheduled exactly a year earlier in January 2016.  Starting the second week in January is usually the slow time for Disney World, but we found out this is not true for Fort Wilderness.  

Trip To Disney World

We were supposed to check into Fort Wilderness on Monday the second week of January.  On Wednesday, snow was still being predicted for the Little Rock area for Thursday and Friday with sleet and or freezing rain for Saturday.  If you need an excuse to start your vacation early, snow, sleet or freezing rain while driving an RV is all the reason I need.  We got up before the rooster crowed, NO, we do not live in the country, and headed to Disney.GO RV-ING AT FORT WILDERNESS IN WALT DISNEY WORLD

The Weather 

The first day we arrived was only 55 degrees but the rest of the week was PERFECT 68 TO 78 degrees with no rain.  Disney World in January had the best weather we have ever had in over 20 times we have been to Disney.  GO RV-ING AT FORT WILDERNESS IN WALT DISNEY WORLD - I am going to share the advantages, activities, and tips when staying at Fort Wilderness.

Checking in Early At Fort Wilderness Campground

I called on the way down there to get an overnight stay at an Alabama campground and called to see if we could check in early at Fort Wilderness.  Unfortunately, they were all full.  We could not check in until Monday.  Fort Wilderness has 28 camping loops.  I guess each loop has between 30 to 60 camping spots in it but no room left in the Inn for us.  However, we did find another very nice campground in Kissimmee called Tropical Palms RV Resort to stay at until Monday morning.   We got to Fort Wilderness campground check-in early Monday and were able to get to our campsite before check-in. 

We found out that Disney was hosting a Marathon the second weekend in January and people had flocked in to run in Disney before the park opened.  After checking in Fort Wilderness, we meet several retirees that were staying at Fort Wilderness campground for the entire winter.  LUCKY!  I did stop to think how much fun it would be to stay the whole winter.  

How much does Fort Wilderness cost?

To stay the second week in January, it was right at $100 a night.   You can see the rates here for other times of the year.  

Is it worth the money to RV at Fort Wilderness?

Yes, it is!  Fort Wilderness is a Disney property which means you get all the perks of staying at a Disney Resort.  

Fort Wilderness Campground Advantages – FREE Transportation

Because you are staying on a Disney property, you have free transportation to the parks.   Boat transportation will take you directly to the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  The boat runs every 20 minutes.  You can easily enjoy a meal at Disney Fort Wilderness Lodge or have breakfast at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Resort.  Even if you are not going to Magic Kindom, you can take the short boat ride and hop on board the monorail to many other Disney Resorts.   

The bus also runs every 20 minutes to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs and even the Water Parks. 

Fort Wilderness Campground Activities

We could stay at Fort Wilderness Campground and never leave the property.  The activities are endless. 

  • Chip N Dale Sing-Along 
  • Nightly Boat Parade
  • View Nightly Fireworks from the Magic Kingdom on Fort Wilderness Campground Beach 
  • Bikes rentals
  • Golf Carts Rentals
  • Boats rentals
  • Go Horse Back Riding
  • Pony rides
  • Visit the farm to see animals
  • Horse-drawn excursions
  • Go swimming
  • Visit Arcade
  • Tennis Courts
  • Go Fishing
  • Eat at Hoop Dee Doo Revue, Trail’s End Restaurant OR Mickey’s Backyard BBQ

Amenities – The bath house was located between loop 100 and 200.

The bath house is not only super clean all the time, but it is very safe.  It is not your typical campground bathhouse.  After all, we are talking about Disney World it is not your average campground.  

As you saw in the picture on the first page, the laundry facility was clean too.  I can tell you from first-hand experience.  With a family of six plus my mother-in-law staying with us, I ended up doing laundry twice.  I filled several washers up the night before we were going home.  The washers and dryers do not take coins.  You will have to insert your credit card.  

The view from the bathhouse to our site.  Notice all the trees.  This picture was taken the second week in January.  I can imagine summer has, even more, privacy.   Each site is hidden in the trees.


Which camping sites or camping loops do I recommend?

In my opinion, the best place to camp at Fort Wilderness is as close as you can to the marina.  Sections 100, 200, or 400 are the closest to the beach,  marina, restaurants, fishing, boat rentals, nightly fireworks, and a nightly boat parade.  It is a very short walk to take advantage of all these activities from section 100, 200, and 400.  Loop 100 was full when we checked in, so we stayed in loop 200.  It was on the inside, but it was the second site from the end which had a huge advantage.  Because the campsite was on the end of the loop, it was super close to the extra clean bathhouse.

Decorating your Campsite at Fort Wilderness

When staying at Fort Wilderness, be sure to decorate your campsite.  We took all our Disney’s Characters and placed them in the window of our RV.  We also had Disney light ups. Picture below.  A lot of sites go all out especially during Christmas.  Since we were staying the second week in January, a lot of camping sites still have Christmas lights up. 


Wildlife at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground

When we checked into the campground, we were warned not to touch or feed the wildlife.  My first thought was “yeah right.”  The campground is in the middle of Disney World where you can find millions of people and probably thousands in Fort Wilderness, and he is warning us about wildlife.  We did not even get to the first stop sign, and we saw four or five deer standing on the side of the road.  They were just eating not even caring that we are a pretty big RV sitting right next to them.  Seriously, Fort Wilderness Campground has trees everywhere with lots of wildlife.  We also saw a large family of what we think were turkeys.  They were strutting right in front of our campsite.  The campground has lots and lots of paved walking trails where you could probably find lots more wildlife.

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  1. I was in Orlando many years back, Diane. Went to Universal Studios and the waterpark but missed Disney World. Now that I have two kids, I am thinking of taking them. With everything happening in France right now, I feel it’s safer to fly to Florida. Staying the campgrounds sounds like an adventure with wild animals and other activities.

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