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Are you a fan of Duck Dynasty?  Are you looking for something fun to do with your family?  

I am sharing our experience while visiting Duck Commander in West Monroe, Louisiana. 

Duck Dynasty Gift Shop West Monroe, Lousiana #Duck Commander

While traveling through Louisiana, we went to West Monroe to see if Duck Commander from the T.V. show Duck Dynasty’s headquarters had a gift shop.   

Last June 2012, we stopped by the Duck Commander Warehouse (117 Kings Land, West Monroe, LA), but they did not have a gift shop at that time.  I have had several comments left on my post letting me know that Duck Commander had opened a gift shop.  It was true!  Their gift shop was open and very busy.  

The Crowd At Duck Commander

We stopped by Duck Commander on a Monday right at noon.  As we approached the Duck Commander Building, I was surprised to see all the people.  I could not imagine how crowded it would be on a Saturday.  Duck Commander was prepared for the crowd with an overflow parking area.  I kept thinking it must be difficult to get any work done with all the people.  I cannot imagine how they would get into the building without being attacked by obsessed fans.

Duck Dynasty Gift Shop West Monroe, Lousiana #Duck Commander

Visiting Duck Commander

You will be disappointed if you are visiting Duck Commander for any other reason besides purchasing gifts or taking great pictures.  Scroll down to see all my pictures I took while visiting the Duck Commander Warehouse and Gift Shop.  While technically this is where they work and make duck calls, there is no guarantee you will see anyone from the Duck Dynasty T.V. show and NO tours will be provided.  

After seeing the crowd, we were not disappointed.  Their lives must be crazy with the demands on all the Robertson family.  This was a wonderful Family Fun Adventure.  Yes, we will do it again!!  Hopefully, next June.  I am still looking for Mrs. Kay’s new cookbook, and I am sure one day Mrs. Kay and Si will make and sell those great aprons Si made on the show.   You can also purchase Duck Commander gifts on their web-site.

Two Large Rooms Full Of Duck Commander Gifts

The gift shop was in two separate rooms. They had everything from Duck Calls, Duck Commander T-shirts, caps, books, iced tea cups, coffee cups, baby items, and more.  We went on a hot day which meant we had to look fast.  Only one of the rooms had air-conditioned.  The other room must have been part of the warehouse which they turned into a gift shop.  It did not have any air.  Anyway, we were excited to be there and thrilled to be able to see things we recognized from the Duck Dynasty T.V. show.  

Address For Duck Commander

The Duck Commander Store and warehouse is located at 117 Kings Lane, West Monroe, LA, 71292. It is easy to find and about five blocks South of I-20.  Duck Commander Gift Store hours are Monday thru Friday 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday 10 am thru 5 pm.

Links to other Duck Commander-Dynasty Posts You May Enjoy- (These recipes are on the Cooking DVD I am giving away)

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The Duck Dynasty T.V. show is about a family business called Duck Commander that was started by Phil Robertson who built the company one duck call at a timeHe took orders and shipped them from his home.

Duck Commander Today

Today, Duck Commander is over a million dollar company.  It is run by one of Phil and Kay’s sons named Willie who is the CEO.  The money and success did not change the Robertson men.  They still live off the land and hunt and fish. 

Robertson’s Famous Beards

The Robertson men are also known for their Grizzly Adams type long beards. The family works together, takes orders from Willie (or not), plays together, hunts together, cooks together, sews together, has disagreements with each other, complains about one another, but the one thing they always do is get along at the end of the show.  They come together around the dinner table and PRAY to THANK GOD for their food and their family before each meal. 

Recipes For Our Daily Bread

Recipes For Our Daily Bread is all about finding things that families can do together like cooking and having fun while honoring God. I especially encourage families to spend time not only in the kitchen with the entire family but also around the table praying and eating together.  Duck Dynasty does a lot of things that we may not try, but they do one thing we should all try which is spending great family time around the table. 

We have a Winner!

CONGRATULATIONS to Nicole Henke from Washington Parish, Louisiana.  She is the winner of the Duck Commander Cooking DVD giveaway.   Nicole also happens to be a blogger at  Congratulation again Nicole!!  Thank you all for stopping by and leaving me a comment for a chance to win this great cooking DVD.   Visit often!  I plan on giving away cookbooks more often.