Best Dolphin Tour Orange Beach

Best Dolphin Tour Orange Beach

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I am here to show you where to stay while visiting Orange Beach, Alabama and why.  I am also here to share a dolphin tour that your family will never forget while visiting Orange Beach.

Before I share about Orange Beach, Alabama and our Dolphin Tour, Dolphins Down Under, I wanted to share a little about how I discovered Orange Beach, Alabama.

Born and Raised In Mobile, Alabama

For those of you who are visiting Our American Travels for the first time, my name is Diane Roark.  I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama.  Mobile is an hour away from Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama.  Even if I did not grow up going to these beaches, I would still think they are one some of the most beautiful beaches in America.  

Beautiful Snow White Beaches in Alabama

I am in awe every time I visit the Alabama Gulf Coast.  The beaches in this area, including the panhandle of Florida, are beautiful, snow white, sandy beaches.  You will not find rocks or dirt on these beaches.  They are super fine light fluffy white sand beaches.  Orange Beach is one of my favorite places to vacation.  I have been there many times, but last summer was the first time we had ever stayed on the bay side.  It was a blast.  It was also the first time for a dolphin tour.  This dolphin tour was a lot of fun for everyone.  I wanted to share this experience with you.

Beautiful Orange Beach with it snow white #beaches #travel review & video

Where To Find Best Dolphin Tour - Dreaming Of Beach Vacation?

Where to stay while vacationing in Orange Beach?

I may never stay on the beach again.  Why may you ask?  Our condo was right on the Bay in Orange Beach.  We had an amazing experience while staying at the Caribe.  

You will see the Caribe in the video below.  I also wrote a post in more details about the Caribe here.  It was a lot of fun sitting on my porch watching not only the people in the pool but the fisherman, boaters, dolphin cruises, dolphins and more.  My young adult kids could jet ski in the bay without me worrying about their safety.  I am not a big shark fan.  You will not find sharks in the bay.  Yeah!  You will find lots and lots of fascinating spectacular dolphins in their natural habitat.  It was such a thrilling event for all of us after spotting a dolphin.  They are beautiful, amazing animals.

Where To Find Best Dolphin Tour - Dreaming Of Beach Vacation?

Dolphin Tour on the Bay

We saw several dolphins from our condo but wanted to get a closer look.  Therefore, we took a dolphin tour.  Our captain and tour guide, Robert, had lots of experience finding the dolphins.  It was not long before we all spotted dolphins swimming by our boat.  We were able to see dolphins several times during our ride in the bay.  We were told that the best time to see dolphins is in the afternoon.  

A lot of times they will follow the boat and jump the waves that the boat is making.  Our cruise was the first one in the morning, but we still were able to see dolphins.  It can get sweltering at the beach which is not safe for my special needs son, Caleb.  He overheats quickly due to his seizure medicine.  In the summer when we are at the beach, we enjoy the day early before it gets too hot.

We not only saw dolphins but a huge Osprey bird nest.   The Bay is surrounded by gorgeous houses and boats.  You get a spectacular view of these houses from the dolphin tour.

Dolphins Down Under, experience, located at SanRoc Cay Marina.   The tour is 1 1/2 hours long.  It follows U.S. Coast Guard regulations and has snacks available for purchase.  If you enjoy snorkeling, they also offer a snorkeling cruise.

Where To Find Best Dolphin Tour - Dreaming Of Beach Vacation?

I am not an affiliate for Caribe or Dolphins Down Under,  but I love them.  If you are dreaming of a beach vacation, I would highly recommend the Caribe and taking a Dolphin Down Under Tour.

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