Dollywood Theme Park Has Something For Everyone To Do

Dollywood Theme Park Has Something For Everyone To Do

Dollywood theme park has something for the entire family to do.  I am going to show you what we loved to do in the park.  

I highly recommend vacationing in the Gatlinburg area and visiting Dollywood theme park.  It has fantastic rides for every age, shows, and amazing food.  Please keep reading for full review. 

Dollywood Theme Park



Dollywood Corporation gave me tickets to Dollywood, but this review is my honest opinion. 

Our Dollywood Adventures

My family and I entered Dollywood as soon as it opened.  We wanted to get a full day inside Dollywood to explore all it has to offer.  As we entered the theme park, my older kids, young adults, hurried off to ride the more thrilling rides.  While they were enjoying the Wild Eagle, Drop Line, Mystery Mind, Thunderhead, and more, the rest of us headed off to Rockin’ Roadway.  

Rockin’ Roadway

Rockin' Roadway


Rockin’ Roadway is ideal for small children or a special needs child.  It was the perfect ride for my special needs son, Caleb.  Caleb has had 17 brain surgeries, cerebral palsy and seizures but was able to ride Rockin’ Roadway.  The cars are attached to a rail so he could not get hurt.  Caleb hopped behind the wheel of a red convertible with the biggest smile on his face.  Caleb had so much fun driving his convertible he drove it again. 

My Favorite Part Of Dollywood Is Learning More About Dolly

I have always been a huge Dolly Parton fan.  My father, Aunts, and Uncles all loved Dolly.  Everyone owned Dolly’s music and listened to it daily.  I grew up listening and memorizing every word she sang.  So, to get to learn more about Dolly was incredibly exciting to me. 

Who does not love Dolly Parton?  She is a huge inspiration.  Even if you do not like country music, you have to love Dolly’s story.  She came from nothing and has done extremely well.  One of my favorite things at Dollywood was getting to see Dolly’s childhood home.  Seeing where Dolly lived as a little girl, brought to life how far Dolly has made it. 

Dolly Parton Fans

Do not miss Dolly’s bus tour, Dolly’s Museum which is called Chasing Rainbows, Dolly’s “My People” show, and Dolly’s childhood home.

Dolly Parton’s 1994 Prevost Tour Bus at Dollywood



The picture below was taken on her bus.  Her longtime friend and manager designed it.  The bus is located at Dollywood outside Chasing Rainbows which is Dolly’s museum.  Be sure to watch the video for more pictures.

Chasing Rainbows The Dolly Parton Story “Museum”

Dolly’s museum is full of everything Dolly throughout her career.  Her famous coat of many colors both the real one and the one in her hit T.V. show call Coat Of Many Colors is in the museum.  Besides the coats, you will find lots of Dolly’s fabulous outfits she has worn through the years plus pictures of Dolly and her family, her wedding dress, and lots of awards.  It is a lot of fun looking at all of Dolly’s memorabilia. 

Dolly’s “My People” Show in Dollywood

Besides Dolly’s Tour Bus, the replica of Dolly’s childhood house her brother built, and her wonderful museum, you will not want to miss Dolly’s “My People” Show.  

“My People” Show



Dolly joins her family in this show in a prerecorded video.  In Dolly’s words, “With the love of your family, all things are possible.”  “My People” features her brother Randy, niece, along with several other family members including her uncle and aunt.  It is a heartwarming wonderful show.  What makes the show unique is Dolly appearing on the massive video screen the entire show.  Every word she says matches to what is happening in the show.  It seems like Dolly’s is present. 

Other Shows We Enjoyed While Visiting Dollywood

Dreamland Drive-in

Dollywood Theme Park


Dollywood has fantastic shows you will not want to miss.  One of my favorite shows besides “My People” is Dreamland Drive-in.  It is a 50’s and 60’s high-energy music show.  The singers not only sing but they are always moving and dancing all over the stage.   The music is upbeat which makes this a family favorite show.  Even my teenagers and young adult kids enjoy Dreamland Drive-in. 

Gem Tones

If you like the high energy of 50’s music, do not miss Gem Tones.  They sing and perform the best of the 50’s & 60’s music in the streets.  Check times and places and be sure not to miss Gem Tones. 

The 50’s area in Dollywood also includes cool antique cars.  They make great backdrops for pictures. 

Do Not Miss Wings Of America Birds Of Prey In Dollywood



Another one of our favorite shows at Dollywood was Wings of America Birds of Prey.  Wings of American is not just a show.  While learning about all sorts of birds, they fly right over your head.  The star of the show is the Bald Eagle.  The audience was glued to every move the bald eagle made.  He was not just beautiful but majestic.  They carry the birds up and down the aisles, so everyone gets a chance to see them.  At the end of the show, the Bald Eagle was still on stage.  You can get a great picture of him sitting on his perch.  I highly recommend you see Wings of America Birds of Prey.  You will love it. 

The Festivals at Dollywood, Barbeque & Bluegrass at Dollywood

During the year, Dollywood celebrates several different seasons.  We visited Dollywood while the Barbecue & Bluegrass Festival was happening.  You can get barbecue ribs, chicken, sausage, and pulled pork.  I had a bbq pulled pork sandwich which was fantastic.   While you are eating, enjoy listening to fabulous Bluegrass music.  

The Artisans Were Mesmerizing To Watch At Dollywood

Dollywood Theme Park


Dollywood is full of incredibly talented artisans from glass blowers, candle makers, blacksmiths, leather designer, woodcarver, and much more.  One of my favorites was the potter.  I could have watched him all day.  He took clay and molded it into beautiful cups right before my eyes.  I could not help thinking as I was looking at the Potter mold the clay how it reminded me of how God has slowly molded me over the years.  Sometimes we experience terrible things in our lives, I know I have had my share, but I am better because of it.  My struggles have allowed me to trust God.  The potter molding his clay reminded me of how we can allow God to mold us or we can choose not to let Him work in our life.  Hopefully, we will be moldable just like the clay. 

Our Day At Dollywood Theme Park

The Roark family had a fantastic fun-filled day at Dollywood.  Our only regret is that we did not have enough time to see it all.  We will have to plan another trip to check out the other half of the park we never even got to see. 

Fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The fires in the Gatlinburg area were devastating to many homes, lodges and the beautiful Smoky Mountains around Gatlinburg, but the town of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge did not get harmed.  At least, everything we saw was all right. The Smoky Mountains were back to tourism as normal. 

For Fantastic Family Fun Visit…

When visiting Pigeon Forge, TN, do not miss Dolly’s new show Smoky Mountain Adventures.  Read All About Dolly’s new dinner show.




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