Are you here looking for delicious family restaurants while visiting Arkansas?

DOEs may not win awards for their atmosphere, but they have won many awards for their great tasting, thick, juicy steaks.

A No Frills Restaurant With The Best Steaks DOEs Eat Place-Video

You can check out their website for all the awards DOEs has won.  

I recently had a chance to experience these steaks for myself.  I enjoy a good steak and on special occasions, birthdays and
Anniversaries, my husband and I treat ourselves to steak.  I had heard many good things about DOEs and just had to check them out.  DOEs was started in Greenville, Mississippi in 1941.  Today, they have four locations in Arkansas, one in Paducah, KY, one in Tulsa, OK, and one in Baton Rouge, LA.

These steaks were well worth the drive to Northwest Arkansas.  We spent the day in Bentonville touring the new Crystal Springs Museum of American Art which is one of the top art museums in America.  It was founded by Alice Walton, the daughter of Sam Walton.  We also toured the Sam Walton Museum in downtown Bentonville.  You will find all of these posts on my blog soon.

At DOEs Eat Place, I had a petite filet which you will see in the video.  Eating this filet was like having a piece of butter melting on my tongue.  That is how tender this steak was.  My husband and one of my 16-year-old sons had the porterhouse.  We found out that the porterhouse had been aged 18 to 21 days with both a wet and dry aging process.  The steak was extremely thick, cooked perfectly, and delicious. 

Both my husband and my son boxed up the bone to take home and clean it off even better.  They loved it!  My oldest daughter had the fried shrimp.  Living in the New Orleans area for six years, we are always reluctant to order shrimp.  Louisiana knows how to cook shrimp.  They are light on the batter and large.  We were all surprised to see that these shrimp from DOEs were very similar.  They were also lightly battered and enormous.  I tasted one and could have eaten the entire plate.  I enjoyed it.

A No Frills Restaurant With The Best Steaks DOEs Eat Place-Video