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Dinsey Sci Fi Dine In At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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We have always enjoyed Dinsey Sci Fi Dine In Hollywood Studios. The atmosphere of having a drive-in indoors is lots of fun.  Everything from the cars you eat into the stars on the ceiling makes this a memorable place to eat.

Dinsey Sci Fi Dine In At Disney's Hollywood Studios

We all enjoy sitting in the convertible cars while eating our burgers and shakes.  By the way, the burgers are delicious.  The atmosphere and burgers keep us going back to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater every time we visit Hollywood Studios.  I hope you get a good idea from my pictures below of all the fun we had while eating at Disney’s Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater.

What Would I Recommend Changing About Dinsey Sci Fi Dine In Hollywood Studios?  

I would not show the Sci-Fi movies.  Disney is for families including small children.  Sci-Fi movies are NOT for small children.  I know my family, including my teenagers, do not enjoy the Sci-Fi movies being played at this restaurant.  Being at Disney, we just expect something different.  I would love to see part of a Disney movie, previews from their many films, or even the original Mickey Mouse cartoons that Disney was founded upon.  

Anything Disney related would be better than the Sci-Fi movies currently being showed.  Being at Disney World, we just expect the spectacular, magical experience that Disney is known for.  In this restaurant, I feel that magic is lacking.  I do realize that Disney would also need to change the name of the restaurant.   With a name change and new movies to watch, this restaurant would be perfect.  The food and at Disney’s Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is already terrific!!

Disney Sci-Fi Dine In Restaurant ReviewAtmosphere Sci Fi Dine

Disney Sci-Fi Dine In Restaurant Review

Disney Sci-Fi Dine In Restaurant Review

Disney Sci-Fi Dine In Restaurant Review

Disney Sci-Fi Dine In Restaurant Review


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  1. Connie Bedwell says:

    We also love the Sci-Fi Diner and have visited with our family several times!

    • Connie, Delicious Burgers and fun memories! Thanks you for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I love getting messages from people who are on my blog. Blessings Your Friend, Diane

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