Polynesian Restaurant – OHANA

Polynesian Restaurant – OHANA

If you are planning a trip to Disney, you have to try Ohana in Disney Polynesian Resort and check out all my Disney World reviews. 

Are you here looking for a fantastic place to eat while visiting Disney World? You have to try Ohana!

Our first meal at Disney World is usually dinner at ‘Ohana in Disney Polynesian Resort.  It is a fabulous Hawaiian Feast.

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Disney Polynesian Restaurant – Ohana

Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

 A friend of mine insisted that we try dinner at ‘Ohana.  We were reluctant especially since we had already planned our meals out and made all our reservations.  We typically only book character meals.  

About a month before our trip, we called the Disney Dining reservation number and tried to make a reservation on-line daily to see if we could get a reservation at ‘Ohana.  There were no reservations for dinner at ‘Ohana the entire week we were going.  Luckily, my daughter Carly checked every day and found one cancellation which we took.  

Disney Polynesian ‘Ohana Restaurant the best meal at Disney World

The dinner at Disney Polynesian ‘Ohana was the best meal we have ever had at Disney World.  We enjoyed it so much.  The Hawaiian bread was excellent.  It was sweet and delicious!  The salad had an excellent honey-lime dressing.  The appetizer was Pork Dumplings and Honey Chicken Wings which were both exquisite.  The stir-fry vegetables were appetizing, and we had a side dish of noodles.  These noodles were so delicious and were probably one of my favorite things besides the shrimp.  The noodles tasted like they had some coconut milk and pineapple juice on them.  

Disney Polynesian Dinner is served family style where they bring everything out in large dishes and place them on the table.  Be sure to see pictures below of the food and menu. 

Meat, Meat, and More Meat

The main dish was meat, meat, and more meat brought to the table on large skewers.  The skewers were filled with either chicken, pork, steak, and, my favorite, shrimp.   Each of the different meats was moist and had a different Hawaiian glaze on it.  The food is delicious, and it is all you can eat.  Whatever you do, save room for the dessert.  The Bread Pudding with the Banana Caramel Sauce was some of the best bread pudding I have ever had.  It was just Awesome!!

Bread Pudding Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Polynesian Bread

Fabulous Bread Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Salad at Ohana’s

Salad Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Ohana’s Delicious Pot Stickers

Disney World's Ohana Pot Stickers

Chicken Wings

Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Fabulous Noodles

Disney World's Ohana Pasta

Ohana’s Fire Grilled Jumbo Shrimp

Grilled Shrimp Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Disney World's Ohana Jumbo Grilled Shrimp

The meat and shrimp at Ohana’s are cooked on open flames and you can watch them cook.

Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Steak Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Roark family Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Disney Restaurant Review Ohana

Ohana menu Disney Restaurant Review OhanaI asked each of my family members what they enjoyed doing the most on this Disney trip.  Casey, my son who will be 17 this August, said eating at ‘Ohana Disney Polynesian restaurant was his absolute favorite meal!  He enjoyed this restaurant.  I am sure it had a lot to do with him being 16, and he could eat all the delicious steak and shrimp he could hold.  Ohana is one meal that when we were finished eating, even Casey was full.

Disney’s Garden Grill Character Dinner,  Disney World-Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be sure to make your reservations six months before your trip.  Be Our Guest Restaurant, and our new favorite place ‘Ohana, which books up extremely quickly.

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  1. Was looking for inspiration for my “at home Ohana” dinner tonight and found your great post. Made me even more excited. Thanks.

    1. Kelly,

      I hope you enjoyed your meal from Ohana. We really love it. I just wish I would not eat so much so that I could eat more of the WONDERFUL Bread Pudding. YUM! I would love to hear your experience at Ohana if you get a chance.
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