Why Eat Chef Mickey Disney World Character Dinner

Why Eat Chef Mickey Disney World Character Dinner

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If you are planning a trip Disney World, you have come to the right place.  Be sure to read this review on Disney Chef Mickey and check out all my Disney World reviews. 

Chef Mickey’s Disney World is located at Disney’s Contemporary Hotel.  If you have never experienced this Character Dinner by all means, you need to try it.

Why Eat Chef Mickey Disney World Character Dinner

We visit Chef Mickey’s Disney World every time we go to Disney because my youngest daughter and my special needs son love it.  They get so excited by watching the characters visit every table.  They are thrilled to anticipate the arrival of the characters at our table.   As I mentioned, Chef Mickey’s Character Dinner or Breakfast is a favorite place for two of my children but the rest of my family does not enjoy it.  The buffet is just average compared to some of the other Character restaurants or other Disney restaurants without characters.  In the past, we have always eaten the breakfast.  This past time we tried the dinner.  We all agreed that the breakfast is better.  Even with being disappointed in the food, I hope all of you see from my pictures how much my younger two children enjoy Chef Mickey’s Disney World.  

What we do not like about Chef Mickey’s is how LOUD and Crazy this restaurant can be.  Several times we have eaten at Chef Mickey’s and been seated next to a very small, very tired, or over-stimulated child.  Both times the child laid on the floor kicking and screaming while the parent ignored the child.  

The mother would threaten to take the child out but never did.  I am sure the parents did not want the child to miss seeing the Disney characters.  This past time the child even ran all over the room while a parent chased the boy screaming his name over and over and over.  I am not making this up!  It did happen.  While this isn’t Disney’s fault, it does cause the experience not to be as enjoyable.

What would I change about Chef Mickey Disney World?

If I say something negative about anything, I try to leave ways that might improve the situation.   The only tip I could come up with for Chef Mickey’s is to put some T.V.’s on the walls with Disney Movies playing.  This might hold younger children’s attention and help keep some of the noise down.  I believe kids are on vacation, and you want them to have a magical time, but you also want to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.  Chef Mickey’s may not be the right place for everyone.  Disney has great options for dining that will fit different families.

If you are looking for a calm place to eat dinner with the Characters, Chef Mickey’s is not for you.  I would highly recommend the Garden Grill at Epcot.   If you have small children, Chef Mickey’s is a great place to see the excitement on their faces.  The whole atmosphere, from the brightly colored decor to the food, to the music and dancing characters, makes Chef Mickey’s geared for smaller children.

If you have little kids and want to give Chef Mickey’s a try, I would recommend going there for breakfast.  The Mickey waffles are a huge hit!  Also, Chef Mickey’s books up extremely quickly, especially for breakfast.  Be sure to make a reservation well in advance.  I would recommend making reservations six months out if you want a particular date and time.

Why Eat Chef Mickey Disney World Character Dinner

Why Eat Chef Mickey Disney World Character Dinner

Disney World Chef Mickey Restaurant Reveiws

Why Eat Chef Mickey Disney World Character Dinner

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