If you are planning a trip Disney World, you have to read this review on Be Our Guest Restaurant and check out all my Disney World reviews. 

My family and I could not wait to see this new section in Fantasyland, especially the Beast’s Castle which is where the Be Our Guest Restaurant is located.  What did we think?


My oldest daughter, Carly booked our reservations for this restaurant exactly six months out to the day we wanted to visit.  Even though Carly is no longer a kid at age 21, she could hardly wait to eat at Be, Our Guest.  I am so glad she was able to get us a reservation.  Although our overall experience was good, I was just hoping for something more.

 While standing around waiting to be seated which was about 20 to 30 minutes even with our reservations, we noticed a huge line of people.  They were all waiting to see if the restaurant would have any cancellations.   A large number of people were trying to go over the bridge to the main iron gates into the castle but were stopped.  

Only dinner guests were allowed into the castle.  Be Our Guest is also open with counter service for lunch, so reservations are not needed.  However, when we passed by during lunchtime, there was a huge line.

It was dark in Be, Our Guest.  The pictures are not as good as I was hoping.

My Disney Dining Main Tip

Plan your dinners out ahead of time and make the reservation six months before your trip.  This is especially true with the character meals, Be Our Guest Restaurant, and our new favorite place ‘Ohana, which books up extremely quickly.

Now, for my thoughts about Be Our Guest Restaurant.  We had an early booking at 4:00 pm which worked out great.  We only had a snack during lunch time.  By 4:00 p.m., we were tired, hungry, and needed a break.  Be Our Guest Restaurant has two main seating areas.  The main dining room is the ballroom which looks like the scene when Belle is dancing with the beast. 

This main dining room was BEAUTIFUL with enormous, gorgeous chandeliers.  We walked through the main dining area and into the West Wing where we were seated.  As you know from the movie, this is where the Beast mainly stays and is where the Rose is located.  This room was extremely dark.  Even with the professional flash on my camera, some of my pictures did not turn out.  

Hopefully, you will get a good idea from the pictures below of how delicious the food was and how beautiful the Beast’s Castle truly was.

The food was magnificent at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

Most of us had a puff pastry stuffed with shrimp and scallops for the main dish.  We all ate every bite of this puff pastry.  


For dessert, they had a variety of cupcakes and cream puffs.   We all had a different cupcake.  Every one of the cupcakes was wonderful, but the Strawberry Cream Cheese cupcake was our favorite.  It was the best cupcake ever.



During our meal, the Beast did show up at the door to wave at everyone while they announced to join him for a picture after dinner.

Our overall experience was good, BUT I was just hoping for something more.  

The restaurants on board the Disney Wonder  Cruise are all so amazing.  When you enter into any of the dining rooms, they announce your name before seating you.  Animator’s Palate Restaurant on Disney Wonder completely transforms the dining room into something magical while you are eating.  The other restaurants have great music playing.  At certain times, the wait staff marches in carrying items while entertaining the guests.  

I love the Beauty and The Beast movie, especially the part where the dishes elaborately present all of the fantastic food while singing Be, Our Guest.  I want the wait staff to march into the dining room caring at least the salads over their shoulders while the song  Be Our Guest is being played.  

Indeed, Disney could have made a more dramatic and memorable entrance, just like in the movie.  The Branson Belle in Branson, Missouri is famous for this.  The entire wait staff enters into the dining room caring the food over their shoulders on large trays while dramatic music is playing.  It is cool!!Not Impressed With Disney World Be Our Guest Restaurant

Not Impressed With Disney World Be Our Guest Restaurant