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Are you here because you are planning or considering a vacation onboard the Disney Wonder?  If so, I am so glad you have landed on this Disney Wonder Ship Tour Post.  If you are here looking for a Disney Wonder Stateroom Video, be sure to check it here.

It was so exciting to be able to go aboard the Disney Wonder for a 7-night cruise to Alaska.  I am excited and grateful to share my experiences with you.  I will start by saying that the Disney Wonder recently won an award for being the friendliest cruise ship.  We found the entire crew to be exceptional.  They went above and beyond to give us a lasting and memorable journey.  If you are trying to decide which cruise to go on or which ship to take, you cannot beat the dedicated extremely hard-working crew aboard the Disney Wonder.  

Disney cruises have a unique dining experience called Rotational Dining.  The Wonder has three different, amazing main dining rooms called Triton’s, Parrot Cay, and Animator’s Palate. Each family rotates every night to one of these three main dining rooms. 

Serving Staff Rotates With You

The good thing about this rotation is that your serving staff, including the head server, the server, and the assistant server, all rotate with you. This means they get to know what you like and don’t like well.  Our assistant server knew we all liked iced tea. If we wanted to order something else we could do that too, but the tea was always ready for us.  I look forward to sharing information and pictures of the scrumptious food and these beautiful dining rooms with you. 

Additional place you could eat include: the Disney Wonder Beach Blanket Buffet, Palo (restaurant for adults only), Goofy’s Galley, Pluto’s Doghouse, Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, the Pirate’s Night Buffet, Captain’s Gala with all the chocolate treats, the unlimited fountain drinks, the unlimited soft serve ice-cream, room service and more.

Planning a Disney Cruise ? 8 Onboard Videos

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