Pirate Day onboard the Disney Wonder was a lot of fun.  It was on Friday, the day we stopped in Juneau.  All day long onboard the ship were activities with a Pirate Theme. 

After our evening meal and the big show, we had a pirate party where they played pirate music and everyone acted like a pirate.  After the pirate party, we had more food on a Pirate Buffet.  The buffet was loaded with very large and delicious turkey legs, a carving station for ham, lots of fruit, salads and sides.  The star of the buffet was, of course, the desserts. 

The cakes looked and tasted scrumptious.  The build your own crepe station was a hit.  My daughter Carly really loved her warm made-to-order crepe shaped like Mickey Mouse.  She filled her crepe with chocolate chips, bananas, and caramel sauce from the buffet. The toppings and choices for the crepes were endless and ranged from coconut, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, whipped cream, strawberries, and much more.

Disney Wonder Pirate Party

Disney provided lots of photo opportunities to capture the great memories you had while onboard the Disney Wonder.   The above picture was taken on Pirate Day.

The Pirate Roark family.  At dinner, our wait staff fixed us up to look like pirates with these pirate bandanas for our heads.

The buffet offered a large fruit choice which was really sweet and juicy.

Everywhere you looked people were chewing on giant turkey legs from the Pirate Buffet.  I guess it is because they tasted as good as they look.

Just in case you were not full, a mouth-watering Ham Carving Station was included on the buffet.

Which one do I choose? This was a really difficult decision, especially since they all looked so good and I was really full.  Notice the beautiful sugar work that helped to decorate the top of the cakes.

How cute is this! The beautiful swans were all swimming in a row.

More delicious cakes that were really too pretty to cut.  I tried the delicious chocolate one. Wonderful!