Another wonderful reason for taking a cruise is the entertainment.  Onboard the Disney Wonder, the shows are produced “Disney style.”

This means your evenings will be filled with enchanting entertainment filled with the delightful Disney characters. If you are scheduled for the early seating at dinner, you will attend the 8:30 p.m. show in The Walt Disney Theater. The time will be the opposite if you participate in the late dinner seating.  The elegant Walt Disney Theater holds over 1300 people.What To Expect At Disney Wonder Cruise Theater Like?
Disney Dreams
is a live show Onboard The Disney Wonder
.  It is an enchanting tale of Anne-Marie, a young girl who needs some encouragement to believe. While she is trying to fall asleep, she is visited by Peter Pan.  Peter Pan tells Anne-Marie stories about believing in dreams with the help of some awesome Disney characters like Cinderella, Aladdin, Pinocchio, and Tinker Bell. The Disney characters, along with Peter Pan and Anne Marie, sing and dance all throughout the show.  Anne Marie finally learns how to Dream.  She is taught that to believe all she needs is “Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.”  It is a very upbeat Broadway-style play that will hold the attention of not only children but the entire family.  You will leave the play with a new hope for believing that your dreams can still come true.  The Roark family enjoyed this show very much and gave it a BIG THUMBS UP!  Do not miss it while onboard the Disney Wonder.  I am so sorry I was not able to post lots of pictures or video, but cameras of any kind were not allowed during the show. 

I believe that God plants dreams in all of us.  If he gives us a dream, he will help us find a way to see them come true.  I have read several books on following your dreams or finding the dream that God puts inside us.  I highly recommend these books. They may help you discover how to make your dreams come true. Encouraging Books About Following Your Dreams

Inside the Walt Disney Theater onboard the Disney Wonder.