Farm To Table College Of The Ozarks Dining-Branson

Farm To Table College Of The Ozarks Dining-Branson

Eating at the Keeter Center (Dobyns Dining Room) at the College of the Ozarks was definitely on our bucket list to do. 

The award-winning school College of the Ozarks is amazing.From The Farm To Table College Of The Ozarks Dining-Branson

The school values God, our Country, education, hard work, agriculture, and being debt free after college.  It is very different from most colleges.  The tuition for school is hard work.  The students can work in a number of areas to earn their education from yard work to help maintain the beautiful manicured campus, to working in the Keeter Center Restaurant, to maintaining the vegetable garden, to milking the cows and making homemade cheese, working in the bakery, working in the lodge, and on and on. 

Our excellent server, Keren, was an international student studying business. Just about everything we ate while dining at the Keeter Center was grown or raised at the college.

Culinary school at College of Ozarks

If that is not impressive enough, the school has a culinary schoolThe chefs at their culinary school are trained in the Restaurant.  I enjoyed the best prime rib that I have ever eaten at Dobyns Restaurant.  The prime rib is tasty and smoked to perfection.  You probably guessed from my other posts that I enjoy a good dessert.  The Keeter Center had a dessert that truly ranks up their with the best desserts I have ever eaten.  It was a Peach Bread Pudding with homemade vanilla ice-cream.  

I have lived in the New Orleans area where they know how to make bread pudding, but this dessert could compare well with the best.  The school even has a homemade ice-cream class.  They have a bakery in the lobby of The Keeter Center where they sell their homemade ice-cream along with their desserts and coffee.   If you do not have time to enjoy a meal or you would like an over the top snack, check out their bakery.  If you eat at the Keeter Center, save room for dessert and try the Peach Bread Pudding with homemade ice-cream.

The restaurant is located in a huge lodge. 

It is beautiful with its enormous wood beams all over.  The meal is fine dining and the restaurant is extremely nice.  Although it is a nice restaurant, it is casual attire which means you get the best of both worlds.  A beautiful place, a great meal, and you do not have to wear your best.


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    1. Sharon,

      Yes, when I visit the College of the Ozark I asked about their famous fruitcakes. I found the order information on-line.

      I hope this helps. I have a Gooseberry cookbook giveaway and a cutting board giveaway. You will find the information on my homepage.

      If you have never ate at the College of the Ozark, you need to plan to the next time you visit Branson. The food is so fresh and extremely delicious.
      Diane Roark

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