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Are you looking for a beautiful place in Arkansas to visit that has a delicious restaurant?

I am here to show you where to eat and why we love this Arkansas restaurant.

This year will be our seventh year living in Arkansas.  We have our favorite places to eat.  Please see all my reviews on Arkansas restaurants here

Spectacular views and food at the Cliff House Inn and Restaurant in Jasper, Arkansas.   Who said Arkansas does not have great views?  Check out this view!Cliff House Inn and Restaurant Best Views In Arkansas

The spectacular views alone will entice you to stop at the Cliff House Inn and Restaurant in Jasper, Arkansas We drove along Scenic Highway 7 which runs along the Buffalo National River and found this great stop.  The Cliff House Inn and Restaurant are on Scenic Highway 7 before you get into Jasper.  It is sitting on a cliff looking over what is referred to as Arkansas Grand Canyon.  

Best Views In Arkansas at Cliff House

The views are stunning and worth the drive.  Jasper is about 1-1/2 to 2 hours from our house.  When we left it was a lovely day, but as we drove higher and higher it became very foggy.  Even though it was a foggy day,  the views were still breathtaking and gorgeous.  Scenic Highway 7 is extremely popular for motorcycles and convertibles.  We wish we would have started counting the motorcycles from the beginning of our trip.  When we started counting halfway through our trip, we ended up with about 75 bikes.

Cliff House Restaurant Arkansas Beautiful Views and food
The Cliff House Inn and Restaurant have rooms for rent which are located under the restaurant.  They all have stunning views of Arkansas Grand Canyon.  They also have a large deck to sit out and enjoy the views.  I cannot express to you how relaxing and stunning these views are.

The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch during the week and breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  We were there last Saturday for a late lunch.  The restaurant was packed which was a great sign that the food must be as good as the views.  We were not disappointed.  The chicken tenders are so moist and should not be missed.Cliff House Restaurant AR Beautiful Views

After moving to Arkansas 4 years ago, we have discovered many beautiful places to visit.  The views and food from the Cliff House are one of the great treasures we have found.  We also love the views from the highest place in Arkansas which is Mt. Magazine.  Mt. Magazine also has an enormous lodge at the top of it to take in the views.

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