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Freddy’s Custard & SteakBurgers Great Burgers Fries & Shakes

This Freddy’s Custard & SteakBurgers post was a couple of years old.  I update these pictures so you could get a better idea of how much we enjoy Freddy’s. Freddy’s Custard & SteakBurgers is my family’s favorite fast food hamburger and custard stop.  You can find a Freddy’s near you on their website.   [bctt tweet=”I love to eat at Freddy’s whenever i can. Great #FrozenCustard and #steakburgers”] I hesitated to write a review on a chain restaurant, especially a {Read More}

Big Orange Best Burgers in Little Rock Hands Down

I am thrilled you landed on my blog post about Big Orange Restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Are you here looking for delicious family restaurants while visiting Arkansas? I am here to show you where to eat and why we love these Arkansas restaurants. This year will be our seventh year living in Arkansas.  We have our favorite places to eat. The burgers at Big Orange Burgers in Little Rock are not your average burgers.  They are truly gourmet burgers. {Read More}

Legends in Concert Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach & Branson

Do Not Miss the Legends in Concert while visiting Branson.   You can also find the Legends in Concert in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach, Waikiki, and on the Norwegian Epic and in Branson, Mo where I saw it. In Branson, the Legends we saw perform were Celine Dion, The Temptations, Johnny Cash, The Blues Brothers, and ELVIS.  Every couple of months the performers change.  Other performers who will perform at the Legends in Concert in Branson this year include Jerry {Read More}

Billy Bob’s Dairyland Branson Our Favorite Place For Burger & Shakes

If you are looking for Branson reviews, I am so glad you landed here to check out Billy Bob’s Dairyland. We visit Branson often, and I love recommending things to do and places to eat.  You can see all my recommendations here.  Billy Bob’s Dairyland is a family favorite place to eat burgers while in Branson.   There are other places to get a good Burger in Branson, but you cannot beat the meat at Billy Bob’s.  Each patty is {Read More}

Billy Gail’s Breakfast in Branson Where The Locals Go

Billy Gail’s is always a favorite place to eat while in Branson.  We initially found Billy Gail’s by asking the local Branson residents where they eat. Are you planning a trip to Branson, MO?  Have you ever been there before?  Do you need restaurant reviews?  If you need a suggestion of what to do in Branson, you have landed on the perfect place.  I love Branson!  Please be sure to check out all my Branson reviews. Have you ever wondered {Read More}

Elvis Presley Birthplace In Tupelo Mississippi Review

While driving through Tupelo, Mississippi this summer, I just had to stop and see Elvis Presley Birthplace. I was a little girl when Elvis died, but I remember it.  I have heard all about Elvis because I grew up with many relatives who loved him.  I can even remember going to an Elvis concert in Mobile, Alabama just before he died.  Elvis’ concert was one of my exciting childhood memories. My youngest daughter loves Elvis.  Her kindergarten teacher taught the kids sign language Elvis’ song If {Read More}

George W. Bush Presidential Library Is It Worth A Visit?

We visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas.   It is located on the SMU, Southern Methodist University, campus.  This Presidential Library opened May 2013.  No matter how you feel about Republicans or Democrats, you learn so much history while visiting a Presidential Library.  Most people never get the opportunity to visit a presidential library.   William J. Clinton Presidential Library I have had a chance to visit them William J. Clinton Presidential Library several times since we {Read More}

Where To Find The Most Delicious Disney World Snacks – Part 2

I am excited you are here.  If you are looking for snack ideas when at the Disney World parks, you are in the right place.  Be sure to check out all my Disney World reviews.  This post is part 2 of the Best Disney World Snacks or Treats.  It is a list of my family’s favorite snacks while visiting Disney World and where you can find them in the Disney parks. You may want to read Disney World Snacks Part {Read More}

Dinsey Sci Fi Dine In At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Thank you for stopping by and checking out Disney Sci-Fi Dine In Restaurant. If you are planning a trip Disney World, you have to read this review on Sci Fi Dine In Restaurant and check out all my Disney World reviews.  We have always enjoyed Dinsey Sci Fi Dine In Hollywood Studios. The atmosphere of having a drive-in indoors is lots of fun.  Everything from the cars you eat into the stars on the ceiling makes this a memorable place to eat. We all {Read More}


The Branson Show tickets at Branson 2 for 1 are really 2 for the price of 1 with NO TIMESHARE TOURS ATTACHED.   If you are going to Branson, you are more than likely going to be looking for tickets to a Branson Show.  If you are looking to purchase show tickets try  Because I have a rental property in Branson and I have lots of Branson Show reviews on my blog, I get asked often where is the best {Read More}

Duck Dynasty Gift Shop For Favorite Duck Commander Gifts

Thank you for visiting Our American Travels.   Are you a fan of Duck Dynasty?  Are you looking for something fun to do with your family?   I am sharing our experience while visiting Duck Commander in West Monroe, Louisiana.  While traveling through Louisiana, we went to West Monroe to see if Duck Commander from the T.V. show Duck Dynasty’s headquarters had a gift shop.    Last June 2012, we stopped by the Duck Commander Warehouse (117 Kings Land, West {Read More}

From Farm To Table College of Ozarks Best Brunch in Branson

Thank you so much for stopping by Our American Travels to see this Branson restaurant review.  If you are looking for Branson reviews, I am so glad you here to check out our favorite Branson Restaurant.  We visit Branson often, and I love recommending things to do and places to eat.  You can see all my recommendations here.  Sunday Brunch at the College of the Ozarks  Not only is this a superb Sunday Brunch Buffet, but the overall experience is {Read More}