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What Can Tough And Land On You? Butterfly Palace in Branson

Who does not love butterflies?  They are fascinating to watch.  My youngest daughter Diana enjoys butterflies.  It maybe is because when a butterfly is born, it is born in the caterpillar stage and it is not very pretty.  When the butterfly hits the chrysalis stage, it is transformed into something beautiful.  I always tell her that God is working on transforming her from a girl into an amazingly beautiful young woman. This is similar to what happens to us when we accept Jesus as our Savior.  God transforms us into something new and beautiful.  Our inside changes and it continues to change as we learn more and more about God.  He is changing our hearts.

We just had to take Diana to see the Butterfly Palace.  She loves being surrounded by butterflies. They had her and the rest of us glued to every move they made.  We watched them flicker all over the place.  

The Butterflies are free to land anywhere including all over us.  You are not allowed to touch them but they can touch and land all over you.  We had one land on one of our faces, shoulders, and back.  

Visiting the Butterfly Palace was great family fun.  It was also a perfect place to remember how God transforms the not so pretty stuff in our lives into something beautiful. 


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