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Are you planning a trip to Maine?  Would you like suggestions on what to eat?  What lighthouses to see?  What not to miss on your vacation?  Be sure to see all my Maine reviews?  This post is about the Bush Compound, which was excited to see. 

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While in Kennebunkport, we saw the Bush compound at Walker’s Point.  The Bush Compound is the summer home of 41st President of the United States George H. W. Bush.What To Know About Bush Compound At Walker's Point

What To Know About Bush Compound At Walker's Point


The Bush Compound at Walker’s Point is on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Maine, in the town of Kennebunkport.  While in Kennebunkport, we had to ride by and check out this fantastic place.  It is not often you get a chance to see where a President of the United States lives.  Walker’s Point has been in President George H. W. Bush’s family for over 100 years.   I don’t think you have to be a Bush fan to understand the beauty of this place. This summer home of two living presidents is something to see.  If you are in town and drive by to see this famous place, you will not be disappointed.  If you are going in the hopes of seeing the Bush family, you will be disappointed.  Chances are you will not see anyone.  

Learning about Presidents

We recently set a family goal to visit as many Presidential Libraries as we can.  We have visited, and you can see my review posts on the George W. Bush Library in Dallas, TX, the Clinton Library in Little Rock, AR, the J.F. Kennedy Library in Boston, MA and Dealey Plaza so far.  My kids love learning about presidents, and there is no better way to learn than by visiting a presidential library unless you get a chance to view their home in person.  I will tell you there is no way to get up close to the Bush Compound so bring your camera and take lots of pictures.  It sits out on a point, Walker’s Point, and is beautiful.  The Bush Compound is heavily protected by secret service agents.

Viewing Bush Compound

We saw the Bush Compound at Walker’s Point by car and by boat.  We took a lobster tour that brought us close as secret service will allow to Walker’s Point.  Since it was summer and the Bush family was home, it felt like we were stalking the president.  We were just viewing the president ‘s home along with all the other tourists in Kennebunkport.

We were being stalked

I know we were not the stalkers, but we were the ones being stalked.  The secret service had a guard house look out area.  I am sure they were wondering who that crazy lady was taking so many pictures.  Hopefully, they realized it was a huge fan of Barbara Bush and the entire Bush family.  Not very many women can say they had a husband and a son become president.  Wow!  While we were viewing the president’s house, I think we got a glimpse of the first lady, Barbara Bush.  It was so far away it is hard to tell.  We heard she takes a daily walk with her dog which I think is what she was doing.  We also heard she is active in town and extremely friendly.

History of Bush Compound at Walker’s Point

Walker’s Point has been in the Bush family for over 100 years.  It was purchased by David Davis Walker, great-grandfather to President George H. W. Bush and his son,  George H. Walker.  In 1902, both built mansions at Walker’s Point.  George H. Walker passed away, and his son got Walker’s Point in 1953.  In 1977, the property was for sale, and George H. W. Bush purchased it. Walker’s point remained in the family for all these years.

Famous people from all over the world have visited the Bush Compound including the following: 

  • British Prime Minister John Major
  • Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin
  • Billy and Ruth Graham
  • Bill Clinton

I was so excited to see the famous Bush Compound at Walker’s Point even if I did not get a glimpse of Barbara, Laura, or Jenna Bush Hager.  I love these ladies for being such great roll models.

Bush Family Cookbook

You know I love to cook and have a recipe blog at Recipes for our Daily Bread.  While in Maine, I had to purchase a Bush Family Cookbook by Ariel De Guzman. He is the personal chef for the Bush family. This cookbook is full of family recipes and stories.  If you love to cook and history, you will totally enjoy this cookbook.  I love this cookbook and recommend it.  I in no way get any commission from it.

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