Silver Dollar City Park in Branson Missouri Part 1

Silver Dollar City Park in Branson Missouri Part 1

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Reviewing Silver Dollar City Park in Branson Missouri Part 1

Reviewing Silver Dollar City Park in Branson Missouri Part 1

Sometimes it is hard to find things to do with the whole family, especially if you are trying to find clean, wholesome activities.  This is why we love to visit Branson, Missouri and Silver Dollar City.  

Silver Dollar City Has Lots of Shade

They opened in 1960 and just celebrated their 50th birthday in 2010.  They must be doing something right.  Over 8 million people visit Branson each year.  I am sure Silver Dollar City is a big reason.  The park is different from most parks with Dollywood being an exception.  I will talk about Dollywood in an upcoming post.  Silver Dollar City was started by a Christian family who operates the park using Christian values. The park has lots of shade trees which are great in the summer to keep it cool.  

It has great rides for all ages.  My kids love Wildfire and Powderkeg, which are roller coasters, the Lost River of the Ozarks which is a water ride that Caleb loves when he gets wet, the steam engine train, Fire in the Hole which is an indoor ride, and lots more.  The park is filled with the craftsman who demonstrates their art of glass blowing, quilt making, blacksmith, furniture makers, a bakery where you can watch them work, and much more. 

They have shows all day which changes with each festival. Every couple of months the park celebrates a different festival. 

Silver Dollar City Different Themes Throughout The Year

They have an Old Time Christmas theme in Nov. and Dec.  Truly, this is the best walk around the light display that I have ever seen.  The park is closed in January and February and reopens in March. In April, they celebrate World Fest.  They have new shows from all over the world.   In May, they celebrate Bluegrass and BBQ.  They have a huge area set up with lots of different BBQ.  As you eat, you can listen to famous bluegrass singers and bands.  In June and July, the park celebrates Kids Fest. This past year they had World Record High Wire Walkers. In August and the first of September, they celebrate Southern Gospel Picnic.  The picnic style food is fantastic, especially the fried chicken.

Harvest Festival

In September and October, they celebrate Harvest Festival.  This festival is one of my favorites.  The park is decorated in everything fall including colors, pumpkins, flowers, hay, scarecrows, and more. They have lumberjack shows, a Birds of Prey show; chainsaw cutting and a 50-ton sand art display.  The Heading West show is fantastic.  It is a musical about a man heading west to fulfill his dream.  It is not to be missed.


Roark Family Favorite Branson Shows 

Roark Family Favorite Branson Restaurants

This is strictly my opinion of great places to visit in Branson, Missouri.

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