DICK’S 5 and 10 in Branson

DICK’S 5 and 10 in Branson

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DICK'S 5 and 10 in Branson WHERE YOU HAVE TO GO

If you are visiting Branson, make Dick’s 5 & 10 one of your places to check out.  

It is in the heart of downtown Branson.  Just look for the brightly colored red and white signs on Main Street. The store is over 50 years old and has 50,000 items. 

It is wall to wall with merchandise. From the moment you enter the front door, you know that your shopping experience will be different from all the others.  If you collect things, this is a great store to pick up something for your collection. They even have signed baseball items and signed WWII prints. They also have great nostalgic items like toys, puzzles, and a large selection of nostalgic candy.

What’s in Dick’s 5 & 10 

A lot of the items that Dick’s 5 & 10 carries are items that were sold years ago in 5 &10 stores all over small town America.  They have a large selection of crafts, cards, cookbooks, hundreds of cooking gadgets, sewing gadgets, hardware, and much more.  There is no way you can see everything in one visit.  Each time we visit Dick’s 5 & 10 we find an endless supply of items we did not see before.  It is a great place to spend lots of time looking at the never-ending assortment of merchandise.


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