When you are in Portland Maine, you have to try the food Maine is famous for like whole Fresh Lobsters, Lobster Rolls, Wild Blueberries (and everything made with them), plus beautiful Whoopie Pies.

Best Places to Eat in Portland Maine?  The first place I am going to recommend is Becky’s, Diner.  Why?  I did not get paid for this post in any way. PORTLAND MAINE BEST PLACES TO EAT WHILE TRAVELING

Where do the locals eat in Portland, Maine?

Before visiting Portland Maine, we searched the internet for the best places to eat while in the area.  I searched specifically for Maine Lobster Rolls, Blueberry pie, and Whoopie pies.  We looked forward to eating fresh lobster and were not disappointed in Becky’s Diner.  

Ate At Becky’s Twice While Visiting Portland

We ate there not once but twice during the short stay we were there.  Becky’s serves lobster caught fresh every day.  Maine visitors love Becky’s which gives them a real feeling of what the locals eat.  Becky’s Diner is known for its down-home good cooking, friendly staff, and a casual environment that I would totally agree with all of these descriptions.  It is not a fancy eating establishment.  It has a very family friendly atmosphere where you are not afraid to put your elbows on the table or afraid your kids will be out of place.

Becky’s Has Best Breakfast  

I was told the locals flock to Becky’s, especially for breakfast.  They stop in Becky’s for breakfast beginning at 4:00 a.m. before heading off to work.  I am guessing a lot of them eat a healthy breakfast before heading out to catch lobster.  When we visited Becky’s for both lunch and dinner, I spoke to the people waiting for tables and discovered they were all from Portland.  After talking to the locals, I knew I was in for a pleasant fresh lobster experience, and I was not disappointed.

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Picture Perfect Lunch On The Patio

We enjoyed a picture perfect lunch on the patio on our first visit.  Becky’s Diner is located on Portland’s waterfront on Commercial Street.  We had perfect weather for an outstanding fresh seafood lunch on the patio overlooking the harbor.   Because it was so delicious, we decided to stop by again for dinner before leaving Portland.  

Dinner At Becky’s Diner

Later in the week, we enjoyed dinner at Becky’s Diner.  On both visits, the staff was extremely friendly that is saying a lot since I asked her so many questions about the area, people, and food.  She was happy to answer all my questions.


Jerry’s is enjoying Maine Lobster caught fresh daily.  Yes!  He was Happy Happy!

PORTLAND MAINE BEST PLACES TO EAT WHILE TRAVELING - Becky's Diner Whole Fresh Lobster in Portland, Maine Restaurant

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I could not get enough of this fresh Maine Crab and Swiss Melt, which simply melted in my mouth.  As you can imagine, it is a dream come true lunch.

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Becky’s desserts looked fantastic, but I wanted to try Maine’s famous blueberry pancakes.  So for dessert, my family split these delicious blueberry pancakes.  Breakfast is served from 4:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  If you are visiting Maine, you will have to try these amazing blueberry pancakes with Maine blueberries.  Did you know, Maine blueberries are much smaller than the blueberries in the south we purchase in the stores.  They may be small, but they were packed with flavor.  

Pancakes At Becky’s Diner

The pancakes were super light and incredibly flavorful. A perfect way to experience Maine.  While in Maine, be sure to check out all their blueberry treats like jam, scones, and their famous blueberry pie.

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The fresh fried Haddock was light, flaky and crispy.

Fried Haddock Becky's Diner Portland Maine

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How do travelers find Becky’s, Diner?

Becky’s was featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri, which is where I found them.

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