90,000 sq ft Of The Best Classic Cars

90,000 sq ft Of The Best Classic Cars

If you enjoy seeing Classic Cars and Farm equipment, you will love the Branson Auto & Farm Museum.

This post is why you need to visit BRANSON AUTO & FARM MUSEUM.  A 90,000 square foot building with Classic Cars and Farm Equipment.You Must Visit! What Museum Has 90,000 sq ft Of The Best Classic Cars Jerry, my husband, is the guest blogger today.  Although I love Classic Cars, Jerry has been helping me write some posts for Our American travels.  This helps free some time to write posts for Recipes For Our Daily Bread and create both travel and recipe videos.   Jerry did a great job with this post.  Visit Branson and SEE Branson Auto & Farm Museum.  If you need any other suggestions while you are visiting Branson, be sure to check out the Sunday Brunch Secret!  You Must Eat Here Every Time You Visit!

Who Owns Branson Classic Cars ShowPlace?

The Branson Auto Museum was owned by Mr. Maurice F. Wilder in 2011.  He fell in love with a car at the museum and bought it.  Later, the former owners approached him and asked if he would be interested in purchasing the entire museum!  Ever since purchasing the museumthere has been no looking back.

Rebuilding The Classic Car Museum

The museum was rebuilt entirely in 2013/14 after a devastating tornado in February of 2012. It was rebuilt into a 90,000 square foot building, with one-half dedicated to classic & antique automotive history and the other half to farming implements and equipment history. The name was changed to The Branson Auto & Farm Museum.

Mr. Wilder grew up in the Midwest farming community which led to his successful lifelong career in agriculture and ranching, among many other business ventures.  Most of the vehicles are for sale, and they are always looking for exciting cars and tractors to add to the collection.

What is it like inside the Classic Car Building?

This museum is a real Classic Cars and Farm Equipment lovers paradise.  This place is more than you could imagine when driving down the strip.  I thought a couple of vintage cars is all I would see.  Another tourist trap, WRONG!  As you enter the tractor showroom, it is stunning.  When we went around the corner to the car showroom, I almost went into a vintage car coma.  Classic cars are everywhere, and most for sale.  This was the opportunity to teach our family about the years gone by with the classic cars that defined the age.

Model T’s, Classic cars from the early 1900’s, Muscle Cars, Vintage tractors, and the most memorable cars of our lifetime are on display, and some are even for sale.  How can anyone go wrong, even if all you want to do is just look?  My wife enjoyed our experience through the museum.  Some of you may need to send your wife to the outlet malls and then experience an automotive dream.  Fortunately, my wife loved it and wanted to buy a vintage truck or better yet a convertible.  Dreams come true at the Classic Car Museum.  Pinch Me!  I think I have gone to automotive heaven.You Must Visit! What Museum Has 90,000 sq ft Of The Best Classic Cars

You Must Visit! What Museum Has 90,000 sq ft Of The Best Classic Cars

You Must Visit! What Museum Has 90,000 sq ft Of The Best Classic Cars

Don’t Miss These Classic Cars

Please don’t drive by this place as I have done in the past.  If you are an automotive connoisseur, you will forever regret not spending the time to go through this museum in great detail.  If you just enjoy history, this place will create conversations you can share with your kids and grandkids.  This is one attraction in Branson you will come back to for years to come.  This ain’t your mamma’s putt-putt; this is the real deal.  This is Americana at it’s best.  Classic cars, showroom condition and many for sale.  I am praying the tooth fairy remembers me and brings me a classic.

Thank you, Mr. Wilder, for bringing back the memories that help us understand our past.  Automobiles and Tractors are our heritage and sharing them with our children will be our future.

You Must Visit! What Museum Has 90,000 sq ft Of The Best Classic Cars


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  1. My husband and I really enjoyed the blog about the car and tractor museum. I didn’t even know there was one there. My husband especially loves classic cars.

    1. Shirley,

      Thank you for letting me know you enjoy Branson’s Auto & Farm Museum. WE visit Branson often and love it. It is a short drive from our home in Arkansas and a great get away.

      Thank you so much for leaving me a comment.
      Diane Roark

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