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Dogwood Canyon Pictures Review Pt 1

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Dogwood Canyon was bought by Johnny Morris in 1990.  Johnny Morris is the founder of Bass Pro Shops.  It is currently managed by Dogwood Canyon Foundation.

Dogwood Canyon is located in Missouri, but the park winds down into Arkansas.  It is a 30-minute drive southwest of Branson, MO and right on the Arkansas border.  In fact, you will see during the tour that some of the Nature Park is located in Arkansas.  I have so many beautiful pictures of elk, bison, deer, waterfalls, ponds, fish, chapel, and more that I will be adding two posts on Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.

Beautiful Dogwood Canyon Pictures Part 1

I consider Dogwood Canyon one of the prettiest places in America.

It includes 10,000 acres in the Ozark Mountains.  When we found out that they had Bison/Buffalo at Dogwood Canyon, we had to visit.   My sons, Casey, and Caleb turned 18 last week.  They both love seeing bison/buffalo and knew this would be a fun way to celebrate their birthdays.  

Two-hour Wildlife Tram Tour

We took a two-hour Wildlife Tram Tour and got to see plenty of bisons.  We also saw beautiful and numerous waterfalls, streams, ancient burial caves, hand built bridges, pools full of trout, plus deer, elk, long-horned cattle, and bison.  It was truly one of the best tours I have ever had, and we had family time together we will never forget.  After two hours, no one was ready for the trip to end.  We were all wanting to catch the next Tram Tour.  That is how much fun we had.Beautiful Dogwood Canyon Pictures Part 1

Besides the Tram Tour, you can walk on the paved walking trail, rent a bike or a Segway.  You can also go on a guided jeep tour, attend a fly fishing clinic, horseback ride, or even go on a cattle drive.  Not to mention, have an incredible wedding at the chapel with a gorgeous waterfall behind it and delicious cafe with bison and elk specialties.

Bass Pro Shop’s first store is in Springfield, Missouri.  Dogwood Canyon is also located in Missouri.  It is a 30-minute drive southwest of Branson, MO and right on the Arkansas border.  In fact, you will see during the tour that some of the Nature Park is located in Arkansas.

I am going to shut up trying to convince you that you need to check out Dogwood Canyon for a family fun day and show you a lot of pictures.  I am in no way being compensated for this post.  We just truly had a great time, and I wanted to share it with you.  

Be sure to check out Dogwood Canyon  Part 2 where I share some of the amazing animals at Dogwood Canyon.Beautiful Dogwood Canyon Pictures Part 1

Your Turn:

Do you have a favorite family restaurant or vacation spot you can recommend?  I would love to hear what is in your area.

 The Wedding Chapel was so beautiful inside and out.  Behind the Chapel was another georgious waterfall.Beautiful Dogwood Canyon Pictures Part 1

Beautiful Dogwood Canyon Pictures Part 2 – Bison, Elk, Deer, and Fish.Dogwood Canyon Pictures Part 2 - #Bison #Missouri #dogwood canyon

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  1. Diane, I loved seeing all the photos from the twins 18th birthday celebration and truly looked like the perfect place to indeed celebrate. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and heading over to part 2 now, too 🙂

  2. Patricia Adolph says:

    Hi Diane!
    I enjoyed looking at your pictures of Dogwood Canyon. Isn’t it beautiful! Randy and I went a few years ago one October. The leaves were falling and beautiful colors. We took a Segway tour – a lot of fun and a great way to move through the park. I had never been on a Segway before and it was so easy. We hope to go back and maybe rent bikes next time. Have a Blessed Day.

    • Patrica,

      I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures of Dogwood Canyon. It was truly an amazing place. I love it!! If you have never been on the 2 hour Tram Tour you will have to try it. They take you to see all the animals which my family loved. I hope you were able to see my Part 2 post on Dogwood Canyon. It has pictures of all the animals including the bison.

      I hope you are doing well.
      Diane Roark

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