Babe’s Chicken in Arlington, Texas is such a Great Family Fun Place with Delicious Food!  

It is not only the atmosphere that people love.  It is the food, especially the fried chicken.

Babe's Chicken in Arlington, Texas Has The Best Fried Chicken

The inside of the restaurant is built like a town with chicken all over the roofs of the stores.  This restaurant reminded me of one of my favorite restaurants in Branson, MO because the wait staff sings with a microphone while walking around the restaurant.  The wait staff at Babe’s engage the audience even more while leading songs for everyone to join in.  A lot of people get up and follow along to YMCA, the Hokey Pokey and more.

Babe’s Chicken in Arlington, Texas

Babe's Chicken in Arlington, Texas is such a Great Family Fun Place with Delicious Food!

You choose your meat item from fried chicken, fried chicken strips, fried catfish, chicken fried steak, or smoked chicken. You do not pick the vegetables. They just bring them to the table. The vegetables and buttermilk biscuits are FANTASTIC! They are also all you can eat! All the food is served family style in large bowls to pass around the table. I love restaurants that serve food family style.

My blog is all about spending more time with your family around the table. To me, there is no better way to do this than putting all the food on the table and passing it around. No one needs to get up and go to any buffet. Family style is more relaxed and allowed us to communicate better. Although my only negative to Babe’s was it is a little loud in the restaurant, BUT it is a party atmosphere, and everyone has a great time. I even saw an elderly lady throwing her hands up and doing the YMCA. I loved watching her. She was having a great time.

While eating, we watched Babe’s celebrate two guest birthdays. The guest had to wear a chicken on their head and bite a plastic cup so it would cover their nose. The cup represented a chicken’s beak. The guest did a chicken dance while everyone in the restaurant sang the Happy Birthday song. It was hilarious!!