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Why take Foodie Tour Kennebunkport, Maine

Why take Foodie Tour Kennebunkport, Maine

Do you like to try food the locals eat?  If so, you will love the Foodie Tour Kennebunkport, Maine.  Sample lobster, clam chowder, ice cream, whoopie pies,  and so much more.

What is my favorite thing to do on any vacation?

I love to take a walking Foodie Tour in every city we visit.  I was so excited to find out that both Portland and Kennebunkport, Maine had foodie tours.  I had to check both of the tours out on our trip to Maine.  After all, who does not love to sample food.  Before going to Maine, I booked these tours online at Maine Foodie Tours While in Maine,  I wanted to make sure we had a chance to sample food, learn some history, and find out where the locals eat.  We were able to do all of this while taking our Maine Foodie Tours.  I totally enjoyed our Portland Foodie Tour and our Kennebunkport Foodie Tour.  If you have not already seen my video and review about our Portland Foodie Tour, you can do so here.  This review is about our Foodie Tour in Kennebunkport, Maine.

What is a Foodie Tour?

A Foodie Tour is a great opportunity to learn about the local food in an area while sampling food at each place you visit. They are normally 2 to 2 1/2 hour walking food tours.  Foodie tours cover about 7 to 9 restaurants or food places.  The best part is that you get a small sample of food from each restaurant.  Do not worry about the walking part.  You are not walking 2 1/2 hours straight.  You are constantly stopping at restaurants and eating.  You may have to walk a mile or two depending on the city you are in.  Don’t let the distance scare you because even my special needs son Caleb did not have any trouble with it because of the many breaks you get.  You can find foodie tours in most large cities and popular tourist destinations.  Be sure to check out the food tours in some of my favorite places:  Portland, Maine, Kennebunkport, Maine,  Nashville, TennesseeNew Orleans, LA, and Seattle, Washington.  I did not know food tours existed until a couple of years ago, or I would have a huge list of places to recommend.  Since learning about food tours, the first thing I do before visiting an area is see if a foodie tour is available.  It is a great way to combine our love for travel with our love of food.

What we sampled on our Foodie Tour in Kennebunkport, Maine?

This tour takes a leisurely half mile walk from Dock Square across the bridge into the lower village as you stop and sample Maine food all along the way.  The stops on this tour vary but we sampled Claim Chowder, Whoopie Pies, Fresh Lobster, Ice Cream, Homemade Root Beer from a brewery, and more.  The food was sample size but since we made so many stops we only needed a taste at each place.  The Foodie Tour in Kennebunkport Maine was a great way to not only get an opportunity to taste the delicious food that Maine has to offer, but we learned a lot of history about the food and restaurants.

Do you like to try food the locals eat?  If so, you will love the #Foodie Tour Kennebunkport, Maine.  Sample lobster, clam chowder, ice cream, whoopie pies,  and so much more. #Maine #kennebunkport #travel #vacation

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Bush Compound at Walker’s Point

Bush Compound at Walker’s Point


While in Kennebunkport, we saw the Bush compound at Walker’s Point.  The Bush Compound is the summer home of 41st President of the United States George H. W. Bush.We saw the Bush compound at Walker's Point in #Kennebunkport. The #Bush Compound is the summer home of 41st President of the United States #George H. W. Bush. #Maine #summer #travel #vacation

The Bush Compound at Walker’s Point is on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Maine, in the town of Kennebunkport.  While in Kennebunkport, we had to ride by and check out this amazing place.  It is not often you get a chance to see where a President of the United States lives.  Walker’s Point has been in President George H. W. Bush’s family for over 100 years.   I don’t think you have to be a Bush fan to understand the beauty of this place. This summer home of two living presidents is something to see.  If you are in town and simply drive by to see this famous place, you will not be disappointed.  If you are going in the hopes of seeing the Bush family, you will be disappointed.  Chances are you will not see anyone.  

Learning about Presidents

We recently set a family goal to visit as many Presidential Libraries as we can.  We have visited and you can see my review posts on the George W. Bush Library in Dallas, TX, the Clinton Library in Little Rock, AR, the J.F. Kennedy Library in Boston, MA and Dealey Plaza so far.  My kids love learning about presidents and there is no better way to learn than by visiting a presidential library unless you get a chance to view their home in person.  I will tell you there is no way to get up close to the Bush Compound so bring your camera and take lots of pictures.  It sits out on a point, Walker’s Point, and is beautiful.  The Bush Compound is heavily protected by secret service agents.

Viewing Bush Compound

We saw the Bush Compound at Walker’s Point by car and by boat.  We took a lobster tour that took us close as secret service will allow to Walker’s Point.  Since it was summer and the Bush family was home, it felt like we were stalking the president.  We were just viewing the president ‘s home along with all the other tourists in Kennebunkport.

We were being stalked

I know we were not the stalkers, but we were the ones being stalked.  The secret service had a guard house look out area.  I am sure they were wondering who that crazy lady was taking so many pictures.  Hopefully, they realized it was a huge fan of Barbara Bush and the entire Bush family.  Not very many ladies can say they had a husband and a son become president.  Wow!  While we were viewing the president’s house, I think we got a glimpse of the first lady, Barbara Bush.  We were lucky but it was so far away it was difficult to tell.  We heard she takes a daily walk with her dog which I think is what she was doing.  We also heard she is active in town and extremely friendly.

While in #Kennebunkport, we saw the Bush compound at Walker's Point.  The #Bush Compound is the summer home of 41st President of the United States #George H. W. Bush. #Maine #summer #travel #vacation

History of Bush Compound at Walker’s Point

Walker’s Point has been in the Bush family for over 100 years.  It was purchased by David Davis Walker, great-grandfather to President George H. W. Bush and his son,  George H. Walker.  In 1902, both built mansions at Walker’s Point.  George H. Walker passed away, and his son got Walker’s Point in 1953.  In 1977, the property was for sale and George H. W. Bush purchased it. Walker’s point remained in the family for all these years.

Famous people from all over the world have visited the Bush Compound including the following: 

  • British Prime Minister John Major
  • Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin
  • Billy and Ruth Graham
  • Bill Clinton

I was so excited to see the famous Bush Compound at Walker’s Point even if I did not get a glimpse of Barbara, Laura, or Jenna Bush Hager.  I love these ladies for being such great roll models.

Enjoy my video of the Bush Compound at Walker’s Point. 

Bush Family Cookbook

You know I love to cook and have a recipe blog at Recipes for our Daily Bread.  While in Maine, I had to purchase a Bush Family Cookbook by Ariel De Guzman. He is the personal chef for the Bush family. This cookbook is full of family recipes and stories.  If you love to cook and history, you will totally enjoy this cookbook.  I love this cookbook and recommend it.  I in no way get any commission from it.

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Your Turn:

Have you ever seen a President?  Have you ever been to a Presidential Library? Have you seen the Bush Compound?

Why Take Foodie Tour Portland, Maine ?

Why Take Foodie Tour Portland, Maine ?

If you have never been on a Foodie Tour and you love food, you are missing out!  Learn what and where the locals eat by taking the Foodie Tour Portland, Maine.

I loved visiting Maine and sampling all the amazing food Maine has to offer on our Foodie Tour.  We took two not to be missed foodie tours while visiting Maine.  I can honestly say that both Portland and Kennebunkport both had terrific foodie tours.  Before reviewing our Portland Foodie tour, I want to explain what a foodie tour is just in case you have never been on one.

#Why Take Foodie Tour Portland, Maine - If you have never been on a Foodie Tour and you love food, you are missing out!  Learn what and where the locals eat by taking the #Foodie #Tour #Portland, #Maine. #tourism #vacation

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Maine Lighthouses You Must See – Video

Maine Lighthouses You Must See – Video


Maine was one of the best vacations ever!  We saw stunning lighthouses with breathtaking views which was a big part of why we enjoy Maine so much.  Please take the time to watch my video and see for yourself why we loved our Maine vacation.

Why did we Visit Maine?  I have always dreamed of visiting Maine.  Fresh lobster, gorgeous lighthouses, beautiful ocean views, fresh blueberry pie, and yummy whoopie pies were in my dreams of Maine.  Maine did not disappoint me.  It was better than I imagined.  My bucket list to one day visit had always included Maine, but now it is on my bucket list to revisit one day.  That is how much we loved every minute of our vacation.

#Maine was one of the best vacations ever!  We saw stunning #lighthouses with breathtaking views which was a big part of why we enjoy Maine so much.  Please stop by and watch my video and see for yourself why we loved our Maine vacation.

Maine Lighthouses You Must See

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse is simply magnificent and just a short drive from downtown Portland. On certain days, you can take a tour of the inside of the lighthouse.  Sadly to say, we missed this opportunity.  Be sure to check the schedule for when the lighthouse will be open for tours.  The lighthouse itself is located at the end of a 900 feet granite rock water break. There are paved walkways with benches and a small beach in the area as well. The walk out to the light on the boulders was breathtaking and oh so well worth the short walk.  We also saw Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse on a lighthouse boat tour from downtown Portland.  It was a wonderful site from Casco Bay.  I will blog about the lighthouse boat tour soon.

Cape Neddick “Nubble” Lighthouse

As you enter Sohier Park from Nubble Rd, you will immediately see Nubble Lighthouse sitting on top of a large rock island a few hundred feet off shore.  You can get great pictures of Nubble Lighthouse from Sohier Park.  It was built in 1879.  You will be walking on huge beautiful rocks for the best view and pictures so bring your tennis shoes when checking out the amazing views of the Nubble Lighthouse.

Portland Head Light

Cape Elizabeth is the home of Portland Head Light, which was built in 1791.  It is just a short drive from Portland and so worth the trip.  It is beautiful with spectacular views.  You can spend the day in the park located in front of Portland Head Light.  It is a stunning ninety-acre park called  Fort Williams Park.  We enjoyed a picnic with their facilities.  You can hike or check out the historic fort structures, or simply lay down on the plush green grass and watch the ocean.  Enjoy Portland Head Light and all Fort Williams Park has to offer.

#Portland Lighthouse

If you are planning a trip to Maine, be sure to read about some of my favorite places to eat and things to do.

Famous Clam Shack Kennebunkport, Maine

Famous Clam Shack Kennebunkport, Maine

I am not sure what is more famous in Kennebunkport: the Bush Compound at Walker’s Point or The Clam Shack.

Famous #Clam Shack #Kennebunkport, #Maine - I am not sure what is more famous in Kennebunkport: the Bush Compound at Walker's Point or The Clam Shack.

The Clam Shack in the media.

The Claim Shack has won several awards.  They have also been featured in television shows and magazines including; Gourmet, Coastal Living, Martha Stewart Living, Every Day with Rachel Ray, Travel and Leisure, New York Times, Boston Globe and USA Today.  See videos below from Travel Channel’s Food Wars and Unique Eats.  Their luscious lobster roll was the Maine winner for USA Today’s 50 Great Plates From 50 States.

I ate my weight in lobster rolls all over Maine.  They are my favorite way to eat lobster because you have Maine lobster already cracked and shelled for you.  All you have to do is enjoy the lobster meat.  Lobster Rolls are similar in most Maine Lobster shacks.  We found extremely fresh lobster on a soft fresh hot dog size bun in most of these places.

What makes the Clam Shack Lobster Rolls a little different?

I can see why the Clam Shack lobster roll has won so many awards and been widely recognized by the media.  The Clam Shack Lobster Rolls are served on a giant round bun that has been toasted.  The bun is loaded with fresh extremely large chunks of lobster.  Most lobster rolls have large fresh chunks of lobster, but each piece of lobster on the Clam Shack lobster rolls were three to four inches.  When eating a Clam Shack Lobster Roll, the “lobster is the star”.  The clam shack makes the lobster stand out with the enormous pieces of sweet, indulgent lobster.

When visiting the Clam Shack…

You cannot miss the Clam Shack for the long line waiting to order a luscious lobster roll and or fried clams.  Trust me, and wait in line for a Clam Shack lobster roll.  It is worth the wait.  Some people may say it is a little expensive, but you are on vacation and eating fresh, delicious lobster is why you are visiting Maine.  You have to experience a Clam Shack Lobster Roll on your vacation.  If you go inside the Clam Shack, you will notice pictures of the Bush family who visited the Clam Shack.  The Bush Compound, Walker’s Point, is just a few miles from the Clam Shack.  I was told they do stop by for a lobster roll and fried clams.  I would stop by for a lobster roll or two or three if I lived that close to this amazing place.

My Video from the Clam Shack

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Luscious Lobster Rolls in Maine

Luscious Lobster Rolls in Maine


Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster Company is located in South Freeport, Maine.  It has Luscious Lobster Rolls.  The fresh lobster is prepared and enjoyed by many just steps away from the boats that caught it.  

Why did we Visit Maine?  I have always dreamed of visiting Maine.  Fresh lobster, gorgeous lighthouses, beautiful ocean views, fresh blueberry pie, and yummy whoopie pies.  Maine did not disappoint me.  It was better than I imagined.

While in Maine, we were on our search for the best lobster and lobster rolls.  I hit the internet searching for highly recommended places to eat a luscious lobster meal.  Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster Company was featured on Rachael Ray’s $40 a day.  It is not often my family gets to eat lobster so, we were excited to be in Maine to try Rachael’s suggestion.   Lobster is hard to find, and if found it is not very fresh, in Arkansas and Alabama.  Therefore, I had only had lobster twice in my life before visiting Maine, and I had never had a lobster roll.  I quickly found out Lobster Rolls are the best way to eat lobster.  Huge chunks of fresh lobster are piled high in a soft roll similar to a hot dog bun.  No cracking lobster and no waiting to eat after digging the lobster out of its shell.  You simply put your mouth around the lobster roll and take a huge bite of amazing deliciousness.  I think I have a new favorite food.  I tried a lobster roll from every place we ate at in Maine.  Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster made one of my favorite lobster rolls.  Why?  They did not skimp on the lobster.  It was piled high.

Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster Company did not disappoint me.  They have been serving fresh lobster for over 40 years and do an excellent job.  Their lobster rolls were everything I dreamed they would be.  The lobster was truly fresh off the boat.  The boat pulls up to the restaurant, and the lobsters are put into the lobster tanks each day.  To make the lobster rolls, lobster meat is piled high in a soft bun. They add a tiny bit of other ingredients, but the lobster is always the star.  It is simple to make but amazing! See full menu here.

You can choose to eat in their dining room, but I would not recommend this unless the weather is bad.  It is so relaxing to eat outside on their patio while watching the boats come in and overlooking the harbor.  The patio is covered which is also nice.

#Harraseeket Lunch &# Lobster Company #Maine #Restaurant Review

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Best Places to eat in Portland, Maine ?

Best Places to eat in Portland, Maine ?

When you are in Maine, you have to try the food Maine is famous for like whole Fresh Lobsters, Lobster Rolls, Wild Blueberries (and everything made with them), plus wonderful Whoopie Pies.

Best Places to Eat in Portland, Maine?  The first place I am going to recommend is Becky’s Diner.  Why?  I did not get paid for this post in any way. #Portland ME #Restaurant Review #Becky's Diner #Best places to eat in Portland, Maine #travel #Maine #Portland

Where do the locals eat in Portland, Maine?

Before visiting Portland, Maine, we searched the internet for the best places to eat while in the area.  I searched specifically for Maine Lobster Rolls, Blueberry pie and Whoopie pies.  We looked forward to eating fresh lobster and were not disappointed in Becky’s Diner.  We ate there not once but twice during the short stay we were there.  Becky’s serves lobster caught fresh every day.  Maine visitors love Becky’s which gives them a true feeling of what the locals eat.  Becky’s Diner is known for its down-home good cooking, friendly staff, and a casual environment that I would totally agree with all of these descriptions.  It is not a fancy eating establishment.  It has a very family friendly atmosphere where you are not afraid to put your elbows on the table or afraid your kids will be out of place.  I was told the locals flock to Becky’s, especially for breakfast.  They stop in Becky’s for breakfast beginning at 4:00 a.m. before heading off to work.  I am guessing a lot of them eat a good breakfast before heading out to catch lobster.  When we visited Becky’s for both lunch and dinner, I spoke to the people waiting for tables and discovered they were all from Portland.  After talking to the locals, I knew I was in for a wonderful fresh lobster experience, and I was not disappointed.

We enjoyed a picture perfect lunch on the patio on our first visit.  Becky’s Diner is located on Portland’s waterfront on Commercial Street.  We had perfect weather for an outstanding fresh seafood lunch on the patio overlooking the waterfront.   It was so delicious we decided to stop by again for dinner before leaving Portland.  Later in the week we enjoyed dinner inside Becky’s Diner.  On both visits, the staff was extremely friendly that is saying a lot since I asked her so many questions about the area, people, and food.  She was happy to answer all my questions.

#Becky's Diner Review Portland, Maine #Diners Drive-ins and Dives with #Guy Fieri

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Million Dollar Quartet

Million Dollar Quartet


Have you seen the Million Dollar Quartet play?  Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.  It was an amazing play with the best music.  Will it be traveling to your area?

MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is a smash-hit Broadway musical.  It was inspired by the recording session that brought together rock ‘n’ roll superstars Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time.  These four amazing musicians all had a contract with Sun Records in Memphis, TN.  They were discovered by Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Records.  These Million Dollar artists came together on December 4, 1956, for what would be one of the greatest jam sessions ever.  This play is leading up to this real life jam session.  The Million Dollar Quartet tells the history behind all four of these recording artists.  It explains how they came to Sun Records and how they left Sun Records.  I learned that Sam Phillips the owner of Sun Records was struggling to make ends meet and sold Elvis’ contract to RCA Records for $35,000.  Phillips used some of this money to be one of the first investors in Holiday Inn which at that time was a new company starting up.  He may have made millions if he kept Elvis, but I am sure he did not do to bad with Holiday Inn. Throughout this play, we received history about Sun Records, Sam Phillips, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lew Lewis, Carl Perkins, who wrote Blue Suede Shoes not Elvis, and Arkansas native Johnny Cash.  Johnny received a huge applause from Arkansans.

We loved this play!  It takes you back to the 1950’s in every way.  This play may not be appropriate for younger children.  Smoking was extremely popular in the 1950’s, and you will see people lighting up in this play.  You will also hear several bad words if you know what I mean.  My kids are all teenagers, and this was a true story about four unbelievable music legends.  I am not approving the smoking, drinking and saying inappropriate words, but this was real life history.  It was very interesting to walk the path of these stars if only for a few hours.

My favorite character was Colte Julian, who played Jerry Lee Lewis.  He was totally awesome.  He could truly bang the piano just like Jerry.  He even laid back and even upside down on the piano.  It was like living in the 1950’s, hearing the hits from these four men plus hearing the history of the men and their songs.  Check here to see if the Million Dollar Quartet will be in your area, and go see it.  You will have a blast from the past.

Did you know that all four of these men who made up the Million Dollar Quartet were from the south?

  • Elvis Presley was born in Mississippi and lived in Memphis, TN.  I have visited both Graceland and Elvis’ birth place in Tupelo, MS.  Elvis birthplace review here.  My first concert ever was seeing Elvis Presley, June 2, 1977 just two months before his death.  Elvis died August 16, 1977.  I was 12 years old and Elvis was my first concert.  How could I ever forget this concert?
  • Carl Perkins was born in Tiptonville, Tennessee.  He died in Jackson, Tennessee in 1998.
  • Jerry Lee Lewis was from Ferriday, Louisiana.  He has two famous cousins, Mickey Gilley, country music star and Jimmy Swaggart.  He lived most of his life in Nesbit, Mississippi.  Jerry Lee Lewis was born in 1935 and stills lives today.
  • Johnny Cash is from Kingsland, Arkansas.  His was married to June Carter Cash and the two of them lived in Tennessee until Johnny’s death in 2003.

Have you seen the #Million Dollar Quartet play?  #Elvis Presley, #Jerry Lee Lewis, #Carl Perkins and #Johnny Cash while together at #Sun Records.  It was an amazing play with the best music.  Will it be traveling to your area?

Your Turn:

Do you have a favorite Broadway show?  Have you seen Million Dollar Quartet?  Do you have a Broadway show coming to your area?

“Ride the Ducks”-Video-Seattle, WA

Ride the Ducks in Seattle, WA
Ride the Ducks in Seattle, WA. It is really great family fun and a good way to tour the city.

A great way to tour a city is to RIDE THE DUCKS if they are available.  A Duck is a WWII amphibious vehicle that rides like a bus on land but floats like a boat on water.

Hopefully, my video will give you an idea of just how much fun you can have on a Duck
ride. We have ridden Ducks in Baltimore, Atlanta, Branson, and Seattle and had a great time touring these cities. While in Seattle after our Disney Cruise to Alaska, we rode The Ducks.  We had a blast while learning about the downtown area and then splashing into Lake Union in one of these amphibious vehicles. Once in Lake Union, the skyline of Seattle was amazing.  I especially enjoyed seeing the Space Needle from the lake.  We were able to see up close all the beautiful boats and houseboats parked on the lake.  We even saw the houseboat from the famous movie Sleepless in Seattle.  I was surprised to see all the float planes on the lake.  We were lucky enough to watch a float plane take off and fly directly over the Duck we were in.  We not only had a great time laughing to the driver’s silly jokes and listening to the different themed music he was playing for each subject he was talking about, but we really learned a lot about the downtown Seattle area.  The next time you are visiting Seattle, I hope you get to enjoy a Duck ride.  We are looking forward to checking out the Ducks in Memphis, TN and in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

I pray each of my Posts will bring Glory to God.  I love hearing from you.  Please leave a comment and subscribe on the homepage for e-mail updates of new posts.

Blessings Always,

Seattle-Pike Place Market-Video

While in Seattle, we visited Pike Place Market.


Seattle, WA Reviews #Seattle WA #travel #Seattle

The market started in 1907 when farmers would bring their wagons filled with produce to the corner of First Avenue and Pike Street.  In just a few hours, they would be completely sold out of all their goods.  Today, “The Market”, as the locals call it, attracts 10 million visitors a year. It is one of Washington state’s most visited locations.  Pike Place Market has hundreds of vendors selling lots of produce, seafood, bakery goods, crafts, and much more. We had a wonderful time together as a family discovering “The Market”.  If you are in the Seattle area, spend some great time with your family checking out all the great fruits, vegetables, and seafood that God made for us to enjoy.

While watching the videos, I am sure you will notice the vibrant colors in the produce and flowers.  Everything was extremely fresh and beautiful.  The second video is a slide show of all the pictures I took while visiting Pike Place Market.

I pray each of my Posts will bring Glory to God.  I love hearing from you.  Please leave a comment and subscribe on the homepage for e-mail updates of new posts.

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Seattle-Rainforest Cafe-Pics

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Have You Eaten In The Rainforest?
Have You Eaten In The Rainforest? We really enjoyed it. The atmosphere is great!

While we were in Seattle, we enjoyed lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  We have eaten at a Rainforest Cafe in Orlando, Nashville, and Texas, so we knew everyone would enjoy it, especially my special needs son.  He loves when the animals “come alive” and make their animal sounds.  From the aquarium to the animated elephants, waterfalls and cheetahs, gorilla and frogs, Caleb especially had a grand time watching the animals. 
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