“Ride the Ducks”-Video-Seattle, WA

A great way to tour a city is to RIDE THE DUCKS if they are available. A Duck is a WWII amphibious vehicle that rides like a bus on land but floats like a boat on water. Hopefully, my video will give you an idea of just how much fun you can have on a Duck ride. We have ridden Ducks in Baltimore, Atlanta, Branson, and Seattle and had a great time touring these cities. While in Seattle after our {Read More}

Seattle-Pike Place Market-Video

While in Seattle, we visited Pike Place Market.   The market started in 1907 when farmers would bring their wagons filled with produce to the corner of First Avenue and Pike Street.  In just a few hours, they would be completely sold out of all their goods.  Today, “The Market”, as the locals call it, attracts 10 million visitors a year. It is one of Washington state’s most visited locations.  Pike Place Market has hundreds of vendors selling lots of {Read More}

Seattle-Rainforest Cafe-Pics

Technorati verification feed NUPUGSX5SVFQ While we were in Seattle, we enjoyed lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  We have eaten at a Rainforest Cafe in Orlando, Nashville, and Texas, so we knew everyone would enjoy it, especially my special needs son.  He loves when the animals “come alive” and make their animal sounds.  From the aquarium to the animated elephants, waterfalls and cheetahs, gorilla and frogs, Caleb especially had a grand time watching the animals. 

Seattle-Pike Place Market Lowell’s

We left out of Seattle on our 7 day Alaska cruise.  At the end of our cruise, The Disney Wonder docked back into Seattle.  After our cruise, we were glad we had some time to check out Seattle.  We could not wait to go to Pike’s Place Market.  While visiting the market, we ate a really great lunch at Lowell’s Restaurant.  It was a clear day

Cabot Cheese-Cabot,Vermont Fun to Visit

I mentioned in my cheese biscuit post that I like to use Cabot Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  While in Vermont, we visited the factory.  We found out why Cabot Cheese tastes so good. The company has lots of experience making cheese and other dairy products.  Farm families joined together to create Cabot Farmers Creamery Cooperative over 90 years ago.  Their cheddar cheese has won every major award for taste.  They have guided tours of their factory where you can see cheese and {Read More}