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New Orleans-Cafe Du Monde

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Have you ever tried a beignet?  I guess you can say they are the New Orléans donut.  They are light and airy in the middle which makes them different from a donut.  Beignets are always served covered in powered sugar.  While living on the Northshore of New Orleans, we had a Café Du Monde.  Café Du Monde had served up beignets since 1862 when they started serving coffee and beignets at a coffee stand in New Orleans.


Café Du Monde has a location on the Northshore in Mandeville, LA.
Today, they still have their original store in the French Quarter, but they also have several other sites including the one where we lived on the Northshore.  If you have never tried a beignet, and you are in the New Orleans area, be sure to look them up.  I have placed a link to their website.  Cafe Du Monde   While eating at Café Du Monde recently, I picked up a box of beignet mix so we can make beignets at home.  You can also order beignet mix and other products on their website.  This might be an excellent way to try this delicious treat.

They are also famous for their Café Au Lait, which is half hot milk half dark coffee with Chicory that has been added to help reduce the coffee’s bitter taste.

Inside Café Du Monde in Mandeville, LA.

They sell their Chicory Coffee and Beignet Mix in the store, but you can also order it online.

The famous beignets come 3 to order.

The inside of a beignet is airy which makes them different from a donut.

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